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Founder of the popular college football blog Kegs ‘n Eggs, Adam Kramer has also been featured on Rolling Stone, Fox Sports and Although Adam’s football career was cut short because of height and skill-related issues, he’s still able to offer up a very unique take on the world’s greatest game. He currently resides in Chicago, but his heart remains, and will always remain, in Las Vegas.

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  • James Somers posted 88 days ago

    James Somers

    Adam Kramer; I'm commenting on your article absolving Jimbo Fisher of responsibility in the assault case involving one of his players. I assume you went to college and studied journalism. In case you didn't, there are a few rules regarding delegating that should be mentioned to you as a refresher. The first is that you can delegate authority. The journalistic example would be your editor giving you an assignment to cover a story. The second rule is that responsibility cannot be delegated. The journalistic example is that your editor is responsible (along with you) for the repercussions of your article.

    These rules of delegation apply to football coaches as well. A coach recruits a kid, coaches him up in more things than football, including that as a member of the team, the kid is a public representative of the school. When that kid breaks the law, the coach is responsible in addition to the kid.

  • not a dumbass posted 89 days ago

    not a  dumbass

    Adam Kramer you are a pathetic FSU apologist. It is beyond pathetic how much you are pandering to them and refuse to note the hypocrisy of dismissing the QB and then trying their hardest to keep the RB when they were accused of the same crime. FSU, with Fischer complicit, have created the most despicable entitled environment for their athletes. Until you resign or this site fires you I and many others are boycotting this website and are beginning petitions to call for your resignation. Enjoy your day knowing you are a disgusting person, unfitting to be called a human being.

  • Jamie Johnson posted 92 days ago

    Jamie Johnson

    Mr. Kramer

    I just finish reading your article "Florida State, Jimbo Fisher Had No Choice but to Dismiss De'Andre Johnson" I agree that the kid deserved punishment but I'm not sure that this was the answer. You admitted that this young woman was the initial aggressor. But that is it... You go on to say how bad its to hit a woman and it should not be tolerated. And I agree with you however you and I are a product of a different generation. This kid is not. I also think you blew your chance to say something different and bring to the point that at no time should a woman raise her hand to hit a man and not expect to be hit back.

    What you should have also talked about in your story was the fact that young men today don't view females as the under-sized physical humans that you and I were raised to think they are. These young men have been raised by our society to not treat woman any different then any man. And that has transcended to not just a mental process but also a physical thought process. When that young woman raised her hand to him to hit him she became a threat to him she removed herself from a person he was having a verbal disagreement with and she put herself in a very vulnerable and dangerous position when she physically threaten bodily harm upon him. That was a bad choice that she made and it is a choice that deserve more scrutiny. This young lady shares a big part of the burden in this case.

    The irritation I have with these types of things is no one ever say anything about the female or the responsibility that she share when these issues happen. People should tell their daughters that the likelihood of a 120 lb woman hitting and beating a 6 foot tall 215 lb man is not going to happen therefore do not hit him or attempt to hit him. Just keep your hands to yourself. And hopefully he will do the same. I will never condemn anyone male or female for defending themselves from an aggressor male or female. The is his or her natural right as a human being and in my opinion anyone who does is not being fair to the situation the person would has been assaulted or about to be assaulted is in at that moment.

    But really all of this doesn't matter. The fact is this kids lawyer will beat this case hands down because she raised her hand to hit him and under the law he has the right to defend himself no matter how egregious the video look to the the rest of the world. and if his lawyer is any good he may be able to file a civil lawsuit against her for instigating an incident that caused him to loose his scholarship call it messed up but this is America and that my friend is the American way.

    Jay Johnson

  • Waterboy posted 233 days ago


  • Waterboy posted 233 days ago


    Hello, my name is T.J. Randall and I am a 19 year old freshman at the University of La Verne in La Verne, California. I am a Business Administration major and an aspiring NFL General Manager. I have been an avid football fan for my entire life with an unbelievable passion for sport for someone my age. For the past two weeks, I have been creating my own mock draft (with very limited film) for the upcoming draft. I would love and appreciate any feedback or criticisms you may have to help improve my craft. The link is provided, thank you for your time and consideration.

  • Dale Wine posted 268 days ago

    Dale Wine

    I just read your story, "The Greatest Championship in College Football History", and wanted to thank you for this excellent piece. When I first read the title, I thought, "I've heard that before." In fact, on the Sunday after the Buckeye's win over Michigan, I had a conversation with my 25 year old son. I said, "wouldn't it be amazing if our 3rd string quarterback would lead us to a national championship?" He responded, "if that happens, it would be the greatest championship in college football history." Deja vu.

  • e l posted 271 days ago

    e l

    Mr. Kramer, in your new article "How Oregon Got Tough," you said Oregon won the Sugar Bowl when it was actually the Rose Bowl.

  • J D posted 280 days ago

    J D

    WELL finally we have PUNY 4 teams in a TEACUP. tHE TRUE national champ is TCU , I am not a TCU Fan. No 2 is a much maligned Ohio State. Hats off to their Greatness. Third I a also great Oregon. The overhyped SEC stank up the post season 4 everyone.
    The NFL with 32 Teams puts 12 in their playoff. College will break the MONEY GRIP of ESPN and its lapdog well paid Reporters PEN Pal poll voters, and achieve FREEDOM in the form of 32 TEAM college football playoff. That would be EXCITING . Bring in FAR more money and thrill millions of more and Varied College fans. To those that are thrilled by this cowardly display of a 4 Team Restriction, they live in a world of SMALL DREAMS a total Lack of Good Sportsman ship and Honor.

  • Paulisher posted 308 days ago


    Hi Adam, I just read your Nebraska hiring Mike Riley Silly Season. I am more curious as to why you think UCLA hiring Mora was a silly Season hire. I'm not sure if you wrote that article three years ago, and I didn't see it or that was just a thought that you had three years ago. So just out of curiosity I was hoping you can shed some light on that for me. I didn't know any other way to contact you, so hopefully you see this and can reply or find a way to email me. Thank you I hope to hear from you

  • J D posted 345 days ago

    J D

    If two or four teams from One conference OR ANOTHER think they are DIVINELY APPOINTED to PLAY in the NC GAME and DENY all other worthy TEAMS a chance, then it is TIME for a little March Madness in the world of college football. Lets have a REAL PLAYOFF and call it December MADNESS. And a $BILLION in travel and TEAM revenues.

    Here we go again. College foot ball fans MEEKLY accepting the NONSENSE put out by the MEDIA that a REAL football playoff of 32 teams is IMPOSSIBLE, too burdensome, or TAKES too much TIME from CLASS.
    Basketball does it with 64. College football can easily do it with a 32 team playoff. No more BITTER FANS screaming MY TEAM got LEFT OUT. Basketball has March Madness. COLLEGE FOOTBALL needs December Madness.

    ALABAMA in all its GREATNESS Lost a last Second STUNNER. Then the UNFAIR bullet or restriction BACKFIRED on them. Now they and about 30 or 40 or 60 other schools MUST SIT on the sidelines and Compete for LESSER GLORY than the NC TITLE. This is Totally Unnecessary and listen or read on :

    I thought America had no ROYATY. Prince William gets to be King of England by doing nothing. He was BORN that WAY.
    I think that Alabama is a Magnificent machine , a Great football team, but it has humans on its team. Humans Err. They are not Gods. No team Deserves the NC Game. You lose . YOU are out.
    The SEC IS a truly powerful Conference. Three years ago the BCS robbed Oklahoma State which was 11-1 the chance to play in the NC TITLE. REmember They were 11-1. Alabama was awarded the game against TWO LOSS LSU.
    Nothing FAIR ABOUT THAT. Oklahoma State Would have been CHOSEN in a real Playoff. OKLAHOMA UPSET Alabama last year. In a continuation of Genuine PLAY They WOULD have met Florida state. TREVOR KNIGHT against the Seminoles. Do you like the ODDS.
    NO BCS. No 4 TEAM Playoff. But a 32 Team or 64 TEAM Playoff can work. Here is how:

    First, Leave all FBS teams with the Fun and Reward of Playing the 30 plus Bowl Games. And 4 PLAYOFF BOWLS would be used on Jan 1 each year for the Elite 8 CFB playoff BOWLS.
    And A $BILLION IN PLAYOFF MONEY In Gate receipt$, Hotel, tourist MONEY, Sueveniers and TRAVEL for the cities and Teams involved.

    A Simple Guide by J D
    FACT: There are always 13 SATURDAYS in the 92 days of September thru November.

    STEP ONE: Require all teams to finish their 12 GAMES by the END of NOVEMBER. There would be TIME for ONE OPEN DATE . Or TWO using the LAST SATURDAY in AUGUST.
    STEP TWO: Have an NCAA selection committee PICK the TOP 32 Football Teams: FOUR Divisions would be set up:
    East, South, Midwest, West.
    Four Number One Seeds would be chosen in each Division and progressively on down: Number Two through Eight.
    SEED Number One would play Number Eight, Number Two plays Number Seven and so on.

    STEP THREE: SIXTEEN GAMES would be played ( 32 Chosen Teams) on the First Saturday in December. The SWEET SIXTEEN winners would play on the second Saturday in December.
    STEP FOUR: The Elite Eight Winners are in the HIGHEST FOUR BOWLS called CHAMPIONSHIP BOWLS and would be played on New Years Day.
    STEP FIVE: The FOUR QUARTER FINAL TEAMS play their TWO GAMES on January 8 or later.
    STEP SIX : THE FINALS: 2 WINNERS would play a week later near January 17 for the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP.
    Conclusion: Only FOUR TEAMS would NEED to PLAY past the HOLIDAY Weekend of January the 1st. And the REST of the TEAMS could GO BACK TO their Studies and Classes.

    Also: The 30 plus BOWLS are kept . The LOSERS in the FIRST or SECOND Round can PLAY again in any BOWLS but the FOUR CHAMPIONSHIP BOWLS and win and rejoin the Top Twenty five.

    Remember any team LOSING in the FIRST or SECOND WEEK of the Playoffs could STILL be INVITED to ONE of the 30 plus bowls.
    IF TEAMS THINK They are the BEST, then let them PROVE IT on the Battlefield of Play. ONE team out of the 32 Teams chosen will win 5 games in a row and be true National Champ.!!!

    Thanks for reading . My main concern is that somewhere, somehow, in my lifetime an Unfair 4 TEAM Playoff will be abolished. Every 8-3 team in the top 40 or 65 Teams will have respect and a chance to win it all.
    This will bring in $1 BILLION dollars or more to the Teams and their Schools.