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  • Wolverine Blue posted 1996 days ago

    Wolverine  Blue

    OK, real talk. Congratulations on your academics. No BS...that is an outstanding way to build your future. My hat is off to you, I mean that. We've had our fun...but things got out of hand. So, as a gentleman, let me say I have to respect the MSU football record against my Wolverines. I am actually from Ohio, but Bo recruited my younger brother back in the day, so I have been a Michigan fan ever since. I have to say, MSU fans get rabid about their squad, but my comments regarding the team were simply an opinion...same as yours. Regardless of your age, you are articualte enough to state your case, and I appreciate that. SO once again, on the real tip, best of luck, in life and with your Spartans. I am still Maize & Blue, until Bowl season...then all B1G teams are my favorite.

  • Wolverine Blue posted 1998 days ago

    Wolverine  Blue

    Nick you are like an ugly girl that got stood up (DRAMA QUEEN)...let it go, son. I made a generalization based on Dantonio's own version of what happened was he convalescing...he made light of it, stating he couldn't be on the field but he continued to work on his game plan. Are you A.D.D. all the time or just when your feelings get hurt? Also, there were 15 MSU players involved in a fight on campus, early in Dantonio's tenure. He is credited with handling that situation, well. I hope the same for Hoke. You are one petty SOB...I guess you were an all-world football player? I can tell based on your reading comprehension you don't absorb the meaning of written words. A 12 cent tip wouldn;t affect you., probably can;t count either. DEUCES, MSU wanna-be

  • Wolverine Blue posted 1998 days ago

    Wolverine  Blue

    Nick it's a f'g game...for that I am an asshole? Guess you cannot read the part where i conceded my error. It is better to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and prove it. Hit me up after the game. BTW, no anchovies on my pizza, here's your 12 cent tip.

  • Ken Hammerick posted 2111 days ago

    Ken Hammerick

    Hey Nick, this is the comment that I posted and deleted.

    The Champions of the West! The Michigan Wolverines, all the best 5 Star players in America, all the best coaches, all the best people and all the best fans.

    I've said it before and I'll say it again, nobody does less with more than the Michigan Wolverines, NOBODY.

    If Michigan doesn't win the next 11.74 National Championship's they will not merely be colossal failures, they will be the biggest losers/choke artists ever.

    And yes, that is an understatement (yawn). With minimal effort that liberal group of Hillary Clinton tree huggers just need to show up.

    Will they? Of course not. Have they ever? I mean EVER? With all that talent, what a collective group of underachievers.

    If Michigan would get .013% of their players talent--they'd go undefeated.

    It is appalling really! LOL!

    Today is Easter, love thy neighboor, all that, I can't breed bad blood on Easter.

    With my personal livelihood, I have to praise Michigan fans and I can not alienate them.

    I hope you understand!

    Go Green! Go White! Go State!