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I'm a big fan of mixed martial arts, Pittsburgh sports, craft beer, food, and heavy metal music who also loves to write. Feel free to chat with me about those topics (or anything else for that matter) here or on Twitter @HunterAHomistek.

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  • Rockem-Sockem Robot-Bro posted 456 days ago

    Rockem-Sockem Robot-Bro

    Ron, don't bother with this clown. This Hunter Homistek character doesn't like the grappling aspect of MMA yet he claims to be a true fan of MMA and write articles about it. He would probably prefer to watch that goofy WWE crap because it's "more exciting".

  • Ron Harris posted 1041 days ago

    Ron  Harris

    I realize you're trying to be entertaining, but your cheeky put-down of Carla Esparza's effort on Saturday night was unworthy of someone who considers himself knowledgeable about MMA. She fought hard and took a lot of punishment from a far more experienced fighter. Her opponent was just plain better. To then make fun of her is really bush. Maybe you should go a round with that crazy Pole and then we can write a cheeky piece about you.

  • Pai Mei posted 1195 days ago

    Pai Mei

    Hunter for fuck sake, I have a Gold Mine for you. You have got to publish this brilliant list on B/R
    This is incredible detailed work. I'm sure 100% the humble TS will be happy to corroborate and update it on a regular basis.

  • The Smiling Knight posted 1241 days ago

    The Smiling Knight

    I guess that Mr Hunter Homistek has abandoned his metal ways and has gone Rockabilly ?

  • Andrew Ward posted 1241 days ago

    Andrew Ward

    I already wrote this comment on your Woodley vs. Lombard piece, but someone should comment on the fact that Woodley and Lombard train together at American Top Team! As does Robbie Lawler! It's crazy to think that Lombard and Woodley would fight each other, and even more so to think that Lombard has already agreed to it. What does Woodley think? I'd imagine they train together almost every day.

  • Edward posted 1337 days ago


    A heavy metal fan?

  • Rob Sturmire posted 1471 days ago

    Rob Sturmire

    no problem. ive been reading a lot of br in the last few months just decided to create an account and your one of the writers who have stuck around and constantly given solid articles. keep it up man

  • Chin Peng posted 1476 days ago

    Chin Peng

    no problem! Keep up the great work

  • andy louden posted 1518 days ago

    andy louden

    Hey man thanks for the message, yeah I look for your new articles because they are fresh and unbias. No-one can be truly objective, but you seem to put your love of sport and writing over some nasty opinion one might want to get off their chest. I have been very critical of B/R in the past but it's writers like you who keep me coming back thanks for the good work HH!

  • Axel posted 1559 days ago


    I really like your articles, and I was thinking it could be really interesting if you did an article on each current UFC champion's 5 toughest fights to date or something of that manner. Just a thought, anyway, keep up the good work.