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  • Eric J posted 1381 days ago

    Eric J

    People are somehow blaming Peyton Manning for the Colts loss to the Jets.

  • Ryan Michael posted 1726 days ago

    Ryan Michael

    This past Monday, I had one of the greatest opportunities of my writing career.

    An interview with NFL Hall of Fame quarterback, Fran Tarkenton.

    He talked about everything from Brett Favre, to Peyton Manning, to business.

    If you have a free moment, I'd love to get your thoughts on the interview...

    -Ryan Michael

  • Ryan Michael posted 1737 days ago

    Ryan Michael

    Colts fans' perception of Peyton Manning: Has a flawed criteria motivated fans to over-glorify the underrated?

    If you have the chance, I'd very much appreciate to hear your take on this one.

    -Ryan Michael

  • Tony Santorsa posted 1743 days ago

    Tony Santorsa

    Hey, check out my new article, do you believe the Patriots' dynasty is now over? See for yourself!


  • Tony Santorsa posted 1744 days ago

    Tony Santorsa

    Hey, check out my new article regarding the Patriots' dynasty!


  • Alex Johnson posted 1780 days ago

    Alex Johnson

    Will the Colts FINALLY lose today? Find out that and everything else you need to know to be ready for another big day in the NFL right here!

  • Ryan Michael posted 1802 days ago

    Ryan Michael

    The Peyton Manning vs. Tom Brady debate.

    If you wanted to know exactly why Colts fans can't stand the Patriots, now you'll know.

    How to see you there,
    -Ryan Michael

  • JW Nix posted 1802 days ago

    JW Nix

    I think you may dig this from KD. It deserves AOTD :

  • Bleacher Report posted 1839 days ago

    Bleacher Report

    Hi Scott, check this out, thanks!

  • Ryan Michael posted 1850 days ago

    Ryan Michael

    Tom Brady or Ben Roethlisberger over Peyton Manning?

    Child please!

    -Ryan Michael