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  • Jules U posted 1858 days ago

    Jules U

    hehehe, that wasn't too bad actually...
    You've seemed to have toned down your ridiculously long comments, so i'll give you a break, but if the Bulls get eliminated by the Heat again this year, i'm going to troll every one of your comments like you troll Heat articles...

    Also, can't you hold onto the bitch for a couple more months, playoffs are about to start...

  • John Hacioglu posted 1870 days ago

    John Hacioglu

    Your arguments make sense and you have you're own opinion and I respect that, but DAMN you have a lot of time on your hands LOL

  • John Hacioglu posted 1871 days ago

    John Hacioglu

    Damn you hate the Heat, sorry LeBron and Bosh didn't come to your shitty team

  • Kunal Mishra posted 1872 days ago

    Kunal Mishra

    I was looking at all your comments, and I now know you exist on B/R to troll on Heat articles... WTH??? Seriously, every comment you have is just to bash them. You don't like them. I get that. But saying they are a horrible, arrogant team is both: a) just plain hating and b) totally overdone. I mean, what did they do, get together in South Beach. LeBron had his decision which was done to RAISE 2 MILLION for charity. They had a "championship party"... So? I mean, what does that have to do with basketball?????????????????????????????