Howard Cowan

Howard Cowan


I am a recent graduate of San Jose State University, where I studied broadcast journalism. At San Jose State I was a reporter/writer/producer for Update News, focusing much of my content on SJSU Athletics.

I am now a Featured Columnist at Bleacher Report after going through the Sportswriting Internship.

Here is a linked to my blog page, where you can find some of my video work.

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  • Stewart Harvey posted 2013 days ago

    Stewart Harvey


    "For all intensive purposes, Matt Kemp went down on May 13."

    Please Google search the above phrase, as well as "For all intents and purposes."

    With your educational background, one would think you wouldn't commit such a malapropism.

  • Rick Wilbur posted 2046 days ago

    Rick Wilbur

    Saw your recent article on Pablo Sandoval. Couldn't disagree more. Young super talent, emphases on 'young'. Has the chance to become one of the more dominant players in the game and doesn't appear to have an obnoxious ego. Could become a fat Willie Mays. Additionally he contributoin includes infectious 'happiness' iin th edugout and the locker least it appears that way.