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Hello friends, my name is Doug. I like sports, so I play them and write about them. I most closely follow all the Boston teams, especially the Red Sox. I try to swear them off once or twice a year, but it never works. I also have been a New England Revolution fan since the days when Joe-Max Moore and Paul Keegan were netting Gs and Walter Zenga was pioneering the wearing-a-hat-during-a-soccer-game movement.
Should you find yourself interested in discussing sports, bagels, Mario Kart 64, or acceptable meats to use as pizza toppings, shoot me a message here or get at me on Twitter @dcsibor.

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  • Tom Peterson posted 1668 days ago

    Tom Peterson

    Just read your assessment of whether the Red Sox are actual pennant contenders. In that article, you argued that the Sox BABIP is higher than league average and are likely looking forward to a correction. But you should be careful when citing BABIP in this case. The Sox, after all, play half their games at Fenway and benefit from a significant number of otherwise playable balls that reach the wall and become unplayable. Unlike home runs, which are excluded from BABIP precisely because they are beyond the reach of any fielder, wall ball hits, though no less unplayable than home runs, *are* counted in BABIP. This circumstance makes it reasonable to expect all teams playing at Fenway to demonstrate an artificially high BABIP. Maybe there's some regression to be expected in the future, but, then again, maybe not, at least not as large a correction as we would otherwise expect.

  • Noah Goldberg posted 2083 days ago

    Noah Goldberg

    hey, it's noah g and my dad told me that if you get enough views bleacher report gives u tickets to go to games and write about them. i was wondering if u did? i think that that would be really cool cuz (im not saying this because of u, this is true) when i grow up, i want to be a sportswriter.