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Currently a Tampa resident; grew up in Northern Virginia; played football and baseball in high school; went on to play football at Princeton in the late 90s; worked two years in the Coastal Plain League before a seven-season stint with the Blue Jays.

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  • Will posted 917 days ago



    You do not have to defend yourself to those clowns.

    I admire anyone who can actually think and write as well as you.

    Actually . . . when you think about it . . . it makes perfect sense to have two different people write about the same subject.

    It just widens the perspective for everyone.

    Well . . . obviously . . . not everyone.


    Like I said . . . I never caught the first piece, and I certainly was glad to catch your opinions.

    Keep up the good work . . . with no excuses needed.

  • Jesse Reed posted 1033 days ago

    Jesse Reed

    Your "Ways Free Agency Has Changed the NFL Draft" post was brilliant.

  • Dan Zorn posted 1068 days ago

    Dan Zorn

    Your article on Brock Osweiler was horrible reporting. You did not do your homework. Brock never played basketball for Gonzaga. He committed early in his high school career to play bball at Gonzaga but during his junior year decided instead to concentrate on becoming a quarterback. To question his intangibles based upon leaving Gonzaga and the sport of basketball is ridiculous. You are basing your conclusion upon information that is false. Your research was shallow and incomplete and your conclusion is baseless. I hope you rewrite this and acknowledge your mistake.