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  • Yin Seng Chan posted 2112 days ago

    Yin Seng Chan

    Ok to be fair to Jesse Morrill this time around, I decided to be more constructive in expressing what I feel is the problem to his article:

    The author offer little to no insight and give little example or experiences to support his stance.

    For instance:
    On the matter of Bret Hart, the author written:

    "A master of wrestling and nothing else.

    His promos are undoubtedly the most boring part of any Attitude Era Show.

    He's not whatsoever entertaining. The only time he was entertaining was during the Montreal Screwjob, and that was only entertaining because everybody immediately knew he didn't tap to Shawn, and his enraged reaction made people believe that wasn't supposed to happen.

    Watch the promo above and then try to defend Bret's mic work."

    Firstly, he did not offer any elaboration on why and what he considered "a master of wrestling" and why also, Bret Hart is "nothing else". Without much supporting argument, it sounded also as if it is slandering of Bret Hart.

    Secondly, the author mentioned that Bret Hart promos are most boring part of Attitude Era show. Not only there is again no supportive arguments to his reason of stating this, it is also possibly a factual error, as Bret Hart is technically never a part of the Attitude Era, but the transition Era prior to it.

    Thirdly, he mentioned Bret Hart is not entertaining, which is an overlap of his previous statement, and also provided no supportive arguments. The example he then provided have little to no relation to what he tried to say. Montreal Screwjob hardly have anything to do with whether Bret Hart is entertaining or not, nor does its significances have anything related to Bret Hart's entertainment levels.

    Last but not least, since the article is called Most Overrated Wrestler in WWE History, the author also provided no linkage back to his own topic within his entire slide on Bret Hart: how does all the statement he said have anything to do with the topic?

    In conclusion, from single slide of this author, we can see:
    1) Poorly Developed Arguments/Unsupported Statements
    2) Some Factual Errors/Spelling Error occasionally
    3) Repeated Statements
    4) Provided Irrelevant or poor Examples to Statements/Arguments
    5) Wondered Off-topic/Poor at linking his opinions back to his own topic.

    For the above reasons, which could be found at other slides of this article,I flagged this article for poor editing.

  • Anonymous Chicagoan posted 2115 days ago

    Anonymous Chicagoan

    Jesse, I read your article on the overrated superstars. It left a little something to be desired. You have to use facts to back up your opinion or you will get absolutely shredded in the comments. It's hard for people to criticize facts, however, don't skew the statistics in your favor. What I mean by that is, someone could have struck out less that Babe Ruth in 1927 but that doesn't mean he had a better season that year.

    Basically, I am saying to get the ducks in a row prior posting. Plus, writing opinion on wrestling is hard because not everyone will agree on everything. Making one person happy can piss thousands off. It's like making Cena turn heel. It will make a bunch of people happy but it would destroy his fan base of kids. Not to mention sales of his products and merchandise.

    Take the criticism you get with a grain of salt and keep pressing on. Don't just put articles out there to get them under your belt. Do it because you want to inform your target audience of your opinion.

    Good Luck...hopefully not in your future endevours.

  • USN Diesel posted 2115 days ago

    USN Diesel

    I see an obvious Troll. I wouldn't worry, Mr. Yin Seng obviously likes your writing seeing as he has spent all day reading it and following you. Or he just has so much time on his hands he likes to pick on people

    For someone that wants to report people for personal attacking, he has been doing nothing but that all day long. What a hypocrite.

  • Yin Seng Chan posted 2116 days ago

    Yin Seng Chan

    and after asking me for help on how to write...he proceed to use one of his fake account and send me the following:
    "I've been reading B/R for years you child. Even if that was the case and I was "new", it doesn't stop the fact you act like an insecure child."

    Man...I really don't now whether to laugh at this or not now.

  • Chris Langford posted 2116 days ago

    Chris Langford

    You need to sort out your writing for each article you want to do plan it, do some research, add details to why, draft it, also take on any negative criticism and improve

  • Yin Seng Chan posted 2116 days ago

    Yin Seng Chan

    ...Did you just ask me to teach you how to write on my bulletin?

    Well for a starter, you might want to work on that attitude you been applying so far. As in, quit going on the defensive so fast and actually read on what people said, and not calling people names here and there and everywhere.

    And I have written this to you like so many time within your own bulletin, I don't know when you will get it:

    1) Plan the article.
    2) Write Down the Key Point/Choice you want to write on.
    3) Elaborate on why you make this choice/want to discuss this point. If you cannot write more than 3 sentence on that point/choice, chance is that point/choice is not a good one.
    4) Write the DRAFT version.
    5) Read through the draft, see if it sounded smooth, and spot out any possible mistake.
    6) If you feel confident enough, post it.

    The whole problem with your articles is that everyone can tell you they kind of look more like things you saw on twitter/facebook instead of article. Things that people blurt out on the fly.

    To put it simply: QUALITY

    P.s.: My god, you just make a Chinese guy whom main language isn't even English to teach you write.

    (I am Overseas til next weekend. If you still exist by that point and not deleted for failing, then we see how, but I really don't want to be your nanny)

  • Adam Daren posted 2116 days ago

    Adam Daren

    That Idiot Jesse, I left some criticism on one of his articles and he fired back with "I'm 13 and write better than you" Last time I checked, you needed writing experience to work here? I've worked for 4 Newspapers where I live and have A* in English language and 2 Btechs in Media. Yet Bleacher still refuses to publish my articles, and have crap like Jesse's work published? I'm sick of this site and the level of Writing here. It's beyond a joke now. Not all WWE readers on here are simpletons that love slide shows from wannabe journalists with 5 lines of spelling mistakes on each slide, some people like actual thought put in to what they are reading. Sort it out Bleacher.

  • Yin Seng Chan posted 2116 days ago

    Yin Seng Chan

    I just noticed this two person who talked for you:

    Are entirely new account.
    Hmm ok.

  • Yin Seng Chan posted 2116 days ago

    Yin Seng Chan

    Re:Why don't you have some guts and write an actual article? EVERYONE HAS THEIR OPINIONS ! Lets see how many people agree with you.

    If I actually have enough free time after works, I will.

    And to reinforce again: The thing is not about how many people agree with you, but about how you present and argue with it. No Bleacher Writers 100% agree with other articles, but if they actually write it properly, people at the very least respected their opinion.

    Your article simply keep on make people felt that as if you are shoving your opinons as facts down other people throat.

  • Yin Seng Chan posted 2116 days ago

    Yin Seng Chan

    This is this writer comment toward why his article is so short:
    Picture2_crop_exact_crop_45x45 Jesse Morrill posted 8 minutes ago Contributor III

    I wrote these at the same time, I just published this one today.
    And maybe I keep my articles quick because I want people to read the whole thing without getting bored.
    I...don't know what to say about you right now.

    Its either A: You are very good at coming up with excuses to defend on whatever mistakes/weakness you have.

    B. You really believe in what you just said.

    Either way, it still DO NOT CHANGE the fact that reading anything you have written so far been a really annoying and frustating experience.

    I just wish you can have the same ending as Rachel Miller as long as your articles remain the way they are: Banned and removed from Bleacher Report.