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Benny Dawkins


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  • Barrett Sallee posted 1183 days ago

    Barrett Sallee

    Homer? How am I a homer?

  • We Da Team posted 1460 days ago

    We Da Team

    scar sux

  • C S posted 1525 days ago

    C S

    LMAO!!!!! Loving the fact that you and all the LimpCocks are still moping around crying like the bunch of pansies you all are. Benny you talked sooooo much shit for soooo long....TROLLING all the UGA pages. Every time there was a BR article about and that pedophile face of yours would show up to troll and spew a bunch of bullshit about how USCjr was going to kick the Dawgs that UNPENETRABLE defense was going to put Murray and Gurley in the hospital. Basically a whoooooole lot of BIG MOUTH that your ASS couldn't pay off. So all of us UGA fans LOVE the fact that you've been hiding ever since UGA STOMPED THE PISS out of those LimpCocks of yours. Why haven't you been posting all your big talk Benny? Where is all the BS big talk? We all know why....because you are a little pansy pedophile that loves to talk shit and run. We all LOVE the fact that you get yet another year of whining and....IRRELEVANCE!

  • Half Man Half Amazing posted 1529 days ago

    Half Man Half Amazing


  • Whatchmacallit posted 1532 days ago


    Benny, what was that you were saying about the schedules? ''GA only made it to Atlanta because of the schedules'' and didn't you say something about ''GA going 1-3'' and didn't you say ''GA can't beat a top 10 team'' ? You look as silly as Steve the mouth Spurrier. But at least he had the guts to give UGA the credit that they deserve.

    It's one thing to run your mouth, it's another to run and hide like a little girl, after it all turns out to be false.

    Georgia just beat LSU, you know, the same LSU that SC couldn't beat. The same LSU that kept SC out of Atlanta, again.

    It's always next year in Columbia SC.

  • Will Baldwin posted 1552 days ago

    Will Baldwin

    It's best to be blunt and sarcastic with him. Don't bring up football, he likes to go crazy and make unintelligent raves. Quite annoying and pathetic to be honest. Just insult him personally.

    It's funny, he makes it unbelievably easy too. He likes to bring butter knives to gunfights. Surprised more people don't take advantage of his rock bottom IQ level.

    Oh well, there isn't much hope for him. He'll probably respond with something along the lines of "Clemson sucks, you're a wannabe! You know it's true! Spurrier's my real mother! He's amazing! Your family, friends, teams and life all sucks! Go home try hard!"

    Well, we'll let him stew in his own old fart juices.

    -Here's a guide to annoying Benny

  • Will Baldwin posted 1552 days ago

    Will Baldwin

    Your attempt to save face with the below comment was quite comical. Thanks for the laugh.

  • Will Baldwin posted 1552 days ago

    Will Baldwin

    "Carolina wins by 20!"

    - Benny Dawkins

    "We will see. You know last year you would have said the same thing. 35-7 - remember! Ga can not not come close to competing with Carolina. This will be a dawg whooping!"

    - Benny Dawkins

    "Your team this year is worse than last year. You are so bad that you lost to a Clemson team we beat with a backup QB. Face it GA is on the spiral to oblivion. GA sucks!"

    - Benny Dawkins

    FINAL SCORE: Georgia: 41 South Carolina: 30

  • Robert Bruce posted 1553 days ago

    Robert Bruce

    I'm glad I have family as Gamecock fans so I know all are not as ignorant as your sorry ass. All the BS comments you post make the WIN that much sweeter. EAT SHIT!!!!

  • C S posted 1554 days ago

    C S

    UGA has been and will ALWAYS be the superior team and the DOMINANT program...47-17-2....THAT'S 30 games of DOMINANCE. The problem for you and your trailer park meth head fans is that you somehow confuse a few lucky games with what it takes to have a CHAMPIONSHIP TRADITION. UGA fans don't really think much about SCAR because regardless of how one game or another might go we KNOW UGA will continue the winning tradition while SCAR will find a way to CHOKE. So get ready for ANOTHER year of futility...sitting around the meth cooker whining about how your Limpcocks are such a great program and "coulda, shoulda, woulda" actually won something "if only those damned Dawgs hadn't have STOMPED THE SHIT out of us and made our little Clown cry like a baby and take himself out of the game". Enjoy mediocrity!