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  • Chris Lane posted 1646 days ago

    Chris Lane

    Thanks, Bill:

    I hope you thought that my message was a little bit funny even if it came from a Buckeye. Thanks again for your note and as always.........Good luck to you and your Wolverines. At the least, I'll talk to you around Thanksgiving to wish you the luck that you will need. Take care, and I wish you and your family well. Go Boo Hoo Blue! See you around, brother.

  • Chris Lane posted 1646 days ago

    Chris Lane

    Sorry that I wasn't able to get back to you about my "anger management issues". Something was wrong with my account and would not allow me to make comments. Something is still wrong with my account as it says that I have made around 40 comments and that # should be closer to 5,000.

    Anyway...I have already finished my "court appointed" anger management classes, I have been cleared to be among the public, and I have even been cleared to be around small children (that was a joke).

    I know that I get rowdy but if you did some research, you would notice that I am normally being provoked into my words. I am a Christian and this is my outlet sometimes so I don't beat my son that has Down's Syndrome for using the same knife for both the peanut butter and jelly (another joke....I do have a son with Down's Syndrome, but I promise that he is never beaten for anything....even when I was watching The Game and he said "those blue and yellow jerseys are nice").

    Thanks for writing on my bulletin board. Please feel free to talk Wolverine stuff with me there whenever you wish. I'm a Buckeye fan but I'm normally known to be level headed and unbiased. Good luck to you and your Wolverines.

  • Will P posted 1828 days ago

    Will P

    Go blue!! ignore all those buckeye haters who fail to recognize the inferiority of their school

  • Chris Lane posted 1856 days ago

    Chris Lane

    After seeing you say rude things about Buckeye Nation, I had to mention that your favorite coach that you mentioned in your "short list", Brady from Dayton, Ohio and has an all-time record just above .500 in his 9 year career. Your favorite coach is a bit mediocre, don't ya think? Couldn't you have picked another Michigan coach with ties to Ohio? Hoke has the worst record of them all....and I don't see things getting better for Michigan until Hoke is gone. That is my UNBIASED opinion. YES...I'm not saying that because I'm a Buckeye fan....I really, honestly believe it to be true. The man has still yet to win a conference title, ya know?

    I would have said nothing until you started attacking Buckeye Nation for no good reason. We usually don't have to hear Michigan garbage unless you win "The Game". Michigan lost the game less than a month ago. You should probably keep your rude comments to yourself for a while....unless you like to look like a sore loser that is...

    Good luck to you and your Wolverines.