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  • Ben Alves posted 992 days ago

    Ben Alves

    There's a difference between wanting to know facts and clinging onto conspiracy theories and speculation spread by anti-Pacquiao-pro-Mayweather fans. During that debate you spent half your time trying to lay out every possible way that Pacquiao cheated as if it was a sure thing, even claiming that he could have taken clenbuterol because that can be flushed in four days, without even considering the possibility that some PEDs are tested in the urine.

    If I were to pursue this argument it would go on forever and I have other projects to do. Adios Da Paulie Lama.

  • Ben Alves posted 992 days ago

    Ben Alves

    They're not the best, but they do the job. Olympic style tests are more accurate but they're designed for Olympic athletes, whose bodies don't have to deal with the punishment a boxer does, especially to the head. It takes a while for the body to regain it's blood cells and boxers perhaps more than other athletes need their blood to bring oxygen to their brains, brains which receive lots of damage in a single round. Those urine tests and other blood tests are sufficient and far safer for a sport such as boxing.

    Also, by not giving anything to Arum, he refused to give anything to Pacman going by your logic that Pacman only gets a cut from Arum. He wouldn't even agree to a 50-50 split of what could be the biggest pay per view profit boxing might ever draw. Manny is not a promoter, he's just a boxer. That's why he leaves everything to Arum. He has too many other problems to deal with being a congressman in a third world country.

    I cannot be bothered arguing with you, I have a social life to deal with and even though you say you want to keep personal perceptions out of this, you are clearly too biased against Pacquiao.

  • Ben Alves posted 993 days ago

    Ben Alves

    I thought we already discussed that those PEDs that are flushed from your system in less than 30 days all contributed to elevated testosterone levels? The only one in that list that didn't was clenbuterol which is really just a glorified decongestant that is still visible in urine tests.
    I have had to study PEDs as part of a sports science course before. If Manny took HGH, it would be visible in his bodily features. If he took something like EPO or blood doped, those would be visible in his blood after the fight. His career also wouldn't have lasted so long if he had been using those, because they only provide a short term boost of aerobic capacity and people have died from their use.
    Furthermore have you seen Manny's style of fighting? He relies on his speed and cardio. Steroids would slow both of those down because of increased muscle mass. Steroids don't make your heart stronger. If Manny had used them to go up so many weight classes then his cardio would go down as a result.
    Yes Olympic style drug tests are thorough but they have to be, because they are in the Olympics. But none of those athletes absorb anywhere near as much damage as a professional boxer does in a fight. Just look at MMA, they catch most drug cheats through urine tests and random blood tests. You have to accept the possibility that Mayweather was also reluctant to fight Pacquiao. Look at the events that unfolded the last time they tried to fight: Mayweather refused to give Pacman any of the pay-per-view cut, which would've been HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS. He also kept trying to change the date.

    It seems that you are determined to prove that Pacquiao is a cheat.

  • Jimmy McMurrey posted 1068 days ago

    Jimmy McMurrey

    Manny's ranking as the 5th best boxer of all times was a bit low. Sorry bro.