High School student who loves sports and the field of sports writing. Fan of most things New York related.

I absolutely love the NFL and all things football.

Follow me on Twitter @Gom1094. If you have any questions or suggestions for articles, feel free to let me know there.

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  • brianna coria posted 683 days ago

    brianna coria

    hey ;)

  • Chris Libonati posted 684 days ago

    Chris Libonati

    Easily some of the best writing on bleacher report is from you... So much ignorant and idiotic material is written by people who know nothing... content is like an oasis in the middle of a barren desert

  • brianna coria posted 690 days ago

    brianna coria

    hi ;)

  • Will Leivenberg posted 792 days ago

    Will Leivenberg

    Thanks for becoming a fan, Greg! How are you liking writing for Bleacher Report? Your writing is solid, I especially liked your recent piece on JaMarcus Russell. Very interesting perspective. Do you plan on writing about sports other than football? Thanks again and if you have any questions about the site please feel free to contact me.

  • Brandon Mulhall posted 871 days ago

    Brandon Mulhall

    It would be really cool if you could write an article about the top 10 best games in the AFC East.

  • Brandon Mulhall posted 874 days ago

    Brandon Mulhall

    You're welcome. It was such an interesting article. You have a new fan.

  • Brandon Burnett posted 988 days ago

    Brandon Burnett

    No problem, Greg. Thanks for returning the favor and complimenting my work as well. Looking forward to reading more entertaining pieces in the future.

    Oh, and by the way—nice to see Jim Harbaugh listed as one of your favorite coaches.

  • steve desio posted 1100 days ago

    steve desio

    still have that CIS vs NCAA all star bowl game on my mind. I have sent my idea to some members of the CIS board and the IFAF. I think you are really onto something here when you wrote about the CFL and NFL competing but as I said it most likely would not happen as the owners and NFLPA would never have that as part of there agreement. The all star bowl would most likely draw much more attention from the CIS. Currently there is an IFAF international bowl that was held in texas in Feb. It was and Under 19 game though and featured the top Prep HS US football players. The international squad was mostly made up of CIS freshman. Abviously did not get much attention, But if the game were to be held in Ontario or Quebec it would most likely draw attention from Canadian fans. If held in Canada in the winter months it would need to be in a domed stadium, which would mean either Rogers Centre or Olympic stadium. BC place would also be an option but since their are many more teams from the CIS in the east, Ontario and Quebec would draw more attention from fans to attend the game. The NCAA may also want it played in the US so the Silverdome in Pontiac comes to mind since it is right on the Canadian border city of Windsor and Windsor U. BC Place and Rogers Centre are more modern and much used venues so their availability most likely would be less. That leaves Olympic which is rarely used as well as Silverdome. Silverdome would be the better of venues since it has recently gone through some upgrades and is privately owned by a Toronto Business. The Silverdome may even be interested in sponsoring the event. If it were based out of Montreal however it would be in one of the hottest provinces for football in Canada right now. with Montreal currently having 3 CIS football programs in the city along with Laval in Quebec City, which has been THE top CIS program on the field and in the stands over the last ten years there most likely would be quite a few Laval players on the CIS team. University of Ottawa is also close by. If a smaller venue were to be sought out TD Waterhouse Stadium on the Campus of Western Ontario Mustangs in London city has the capacity to hold up to 16,000 but it is an open air field.
    Who else do you think would be interested in such an idea and how would an average person such as myself get someone to notice the potential for this.

  • steve desio posted 1102 days ago

    steve desio

    Hello Greg. My article has been rejected haha.... I wasn't expecting to have it published as I am sure that there are so many/Users/desio/Desktop/Cfl Brennan and Willy.docx
    I have attempted to attach it not sure it will work.
    Since speaking of the US VS Canada all star game it has been on my mind a lot.
    The last thought I had was the CIS vs State of Michigan college all stars of all levels.
    As you are a writer for Bleacher Report how would one go about presenting this Idea to an organization. I am very sure that the CIS would be all for such a game but the right group from the US would have to be approached to participate in such a game. Not all the groups would be interested but I think that some group such as an individual conference. The state of Michigan has a DIII conference and a DII conference that is made up of almost all Michigan schools. There are also three DI FBS schools in michigan from the Mid American conference which consists of teams from around the Great lakes area.