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Stacey Francis

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I don't remember a time in my life that I didn't love football. My earliest memories include sitting in my dad's lap on Saturday and Sunday afternoons, cheering for the team my dad said should win. I am an ardent Alabama Crimson Tide fan, although I haven't always been one. Having chosen to be an Auburn fan at a very young age, and receiving the disdain of the rest of my family, I announced at the age of 5 that the team that won the next Iron Bowl would earn my allegience. That just happened to be the 1985 Iron Bowl, which the Tide won on the foot of Van Tiffin. I work at a motorcycle dealership, which is perfect for me, because I get to hang out and talk to a bunch of guys about sports, and they are always impressed with my knowledge. Someone else that is impressed by my sports knowledge (among other things) is my boyfriend, who, having grown up about 30 minutes from the Horseshoe, is (naturally) a rabid Buckeye fan. We have agreed to support each others' teams, but all bets are off if the Tide and the Bucks ever meet on the gridiron (or the court, or any other playing surface, for that matter).

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