Tyson Newman

Tyson Newman


Born in California, raised in Utah. Love the Jazz and David Ortiz playing for the Salt Lake Bees (Minor League team in Utah) brought me to love the Boston Red Sox.

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  • Zac Watne posted 2131 days ago

    Zac Watne

    Getting Rondo would be huge, particularly because he is developing his outside shot more (though he is still has limited range, only 3 of 15 from deep this season).

    The main issue with sending Harris and a Jazz big (other than a young player, who I really hope stay on the team for the long run) is money. Rondo's contract is near equal that of Harris', but there is not way Boston would trade 1 for 1 and understandably so. Throwing in someone like Big Al (it would be weird seeing him go back to Boston) causes a problem because his contract is so big that it then becomes very hard to match.

    Here is a possible scenario (http://espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=6vsdumq) involving Rondo, Alle, and O'Neal from Boston and Jefferson, Harris, and Bell from Utah. This is definitely Jazz-focused though and I doubt Boston would be interested.

    To give someone else credit where it is due, Ross Lambert posted an interesting four team trade after this article I wrote (http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1059925-utah-jazz-add-forward-demarre-carroll-sign-of-a-trade-on-the-horizon) involving the Jazz, Lakers, Rockets, and 76ers. It is also favorable for the Jazz, but much more evenly distributed and a possibility.

    The Jazz definitely need a different PG and another player with range, if it happens to be the same person that is just a bonus (like Augustine, 37% career three point shooter). Other than Augustine there really isn't anyone else on the Bobcats that I think the Jazz would be terribly interested in. I hate to say the Jazz need to wait for the draft, but that may be the only route if no team wants to take Harris alone.

  • Zac Watne posted 2143 days ago

    Zac Watne

    Thanks for the vote Tyson, greatly appreciated!