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I once listened to a Carthusian Monk for hours, I once walked across Lake Michigan in protest of Tom Brady's hair, I once lived an entire year on carrots, Madonna is thankful that I believe "What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas", I wrote the lyrics to "Hammer Time", I knew about Lin-sanity before he knew about himself, Superhero's wear my underpants as pajamas, I once attended a wedding never again, Horses think I am a magnificent creature, I am building a time machine to travel back in time to dis-invent baseball, but first I would go back in time invent the word dis-invent, I believe plastic surgeons are modern day da Vinci's, I use the sport of cycling as an excuse to wear spandex, I believe the movie Field of Dreams is communist propaganda, Conversely the movie Rudy should replace the evening news, I once un-clipped a bra using my stare, ESPN insider is the anti-christ!

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