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  • Justin Thorpe posted 1757 days ago

    Justin Thorpe

    Thanks for your feedback; like you I realize that a trade of this magnitude is unlikely to occur during the season but I disagree that the teams would not be improved in the long run due to it. In the future, if you are going to comment on my posts please do me a favor and do so in the actual article because then others can assist me in arguing my very valid points. Obtaining Howard and Smith now is the only way the Nets would have been able to secure their services due to the new CBA rules coming into effect. As a Nets fan I can understand that from what you have seen from Lopez this season versus what you have seen from D12 you would come to that conclusion that the Nets no longer want Howard.

    With all the feedback and other articles on sites more reputable than Bleacher Report with both can agree that the desire to add Howard is still there. The Nets would be taking advantage of the concept, "buying low, selling high" in regards to the two big men. It is unlikely that Brook is capable of this extended run of good fortune as his career shows us and it is likely that Howard's subpar season is more of a blemish rather than a standard of what is to come. I figured I would address those two figures first since they are the biggest debatable pieces in my opinion.

    I'm going to assume that you are referencing the trade below since I have actually posted different versions of a trade involving the Hawks, Nets, & Lakers since even before the season started and that is the one I continue to post.

    Who says no to this three team trade:
    -Brook Lopez, Metta World Peace, & cash to Atlanta
    -Dwight Howard, Steve Nash, & Josh Smith to Brooklyn
    -Deron Williams, Kyle Korver, Merza Teletovic, MarShawn Brooks, & ATL and BRO 1st round picks this year

    In this trade the Nets give up an Deron Williams, Brook Lopez, Merza Teletovic, MarShawn Brooks, and their 1st rounder (which would be nowhere near lottery with the roster they'd end with). For those pieces the Nets would receive Dwight Howard, Steve Nash, & Josh Smith. In your comment you argue that the Nets give up WAYYYY (I like your additional Ys to emphasize the scale) too much to get all those new starting pieces.

    Even allowing us to tell a little fib and say Brook is on the same level as Dwight, we would still be looking at Deron and pieces for Josh Smith and old Steve Nash (1.7 less per than Deron). you can't tell me that Merza and Brooks are that much better than Josh Smith. You wouldn't be trading for the expiring contracts of Dwight (who wants to be with the Nets) and Josh Smith (who wants to be with Dwight) either; those players would sign with the Nets now if they were allowed, let's not kid ourselves.

    Where does that leave the Nets? They have aged at PG but the 3pt% is better and Nash is more of a distributor than a playmaker (ideal when you have 6 hands up waiting for the ball) and two of the best defensive players in the league behind him. More importantly, you don't think that a rotation that includes D12, JSmoove, Humphries, Wallace, Johnson, Nash, Stackhouse (would see Brooks/Merza minutes), and Watson wouldn't be that much more dangerous to the Heat's possession of the East?

    Your second point I also agree with. The Hawks don't want Lin. No one really wants Lin but he is an adequate ballhandler, an asset to bench scoring and his salary is key to the deal for the Hawks/Lakers. The Hawks would JUMPPPP (like what I did there) to replace Josh Smith on his way out for Brook Lopez entrenched in Atlanta for 4 years next to Horford. Metta World Peace doesn’t fill all the defensive intensity that the Hawks lose with Smith but he is a veteran presence that fills the positional hole of Korver.

    The Hawks future AND present also looks brighter with this trade because they have the Teague, Lopez, Horford, Johnson, MWP (becomes expiring contract next year), Lin, Jenkins, Williams, & Morrow in their rotation. Believe it or not this will finally push Horford into his natural PF position and give the Hawks one of the top 5 front courts in the league.

    If the Lakers weren’t so stubborn and elitist than this trade would be a no brainer for them as well. Deron is more of a playmaker than Nash and over a half decade younger giving the Lakers a star to replace Kobe’s glimmering one. Brooks will continue to get overlooked as he was in Brooklyn at the shooting guard position but could find minutes at SF which would now be held by some combination of him and Korver. Teletovic can play a small man’s game at PF allowing Gasol to slide into center. The Lakers would become a little thin the remainder of the season in the frontcourt but that would just make D’Antoni giddy.

    Now that I have addressed the trade that I CONTINUE to push I will turn my attention to the variation that you are actually complaining about that I could only find me posting twice…but my investigative skills don’t match yours.

    Jeremy Lin, Brook Lopez, Carlos Delfino, Royce White, Earl Clark to Atlanta
    Dwight Howard, Josh Smith, & Steve Nash to Brooklyn
    Pau Gasol to Houston
    Deron Williams, Devin Harris, Zaza Pachulia, Kyle Korver, MarShawn Brooks, Mirza Teletovic, & 1st from Houston and Brooklyn.

    There is a little bit variation to this trade from the previous discussed version, the main piece being the inclusion of Pau Gasol to the Rockets, MWP staying in LA (and replaced in Atlanta for younger better talent), and the Lakers adding much more expiring contracts…

    This deal is much better for Atlanta than the previous deal I explained because of the short term (maybe longer) addition of Earl Clark and the long term addition of F Royce White, regardless of mental status. Delfino here will take the place of MWP’s expiring contract next year. There are no changes to what the Nets receive or give up in this trade from the last one so I will not further discuss the validity of their part of this again. If you’d like to re-read above, feel free.

    By giving up three of their top four players the Lakers now add additional expiring contracts in the form of Korver, Zaza, & Devin Harris. Korver will fill a shooting role, Zaza would quell the frontcourt’s depth issues but make no mistake, Harris’ inclusion is for the purpose of an expiring contract regardless of whether he takes playing time away from Blake, Duhon, and/or Morris. Yet again, these draft picks being included come to a total of two, not all of the Rockets 1st round picks; I totally agree that would be too much to pay for an aging post scorer.

    Now let’s get to the excessive value the Rockets are giving up for this post scorer who would average 18/12 as soon as he is removed from D’Antoni’s system. The Rockets would give up Lin (not meshing with Harden), Delfino (Parson’s is already better by far), Royce White (already caused enough headaches in Houston), and a 1st round pick that is sure to be protected. So the Rockets would get to add a pick and roll partner to Harden and ride that roster to potentially the second round or have to deal with the lack of interior scoring and get bounced out just like one of Lin’s errant passes.

    YOU ARE CORRECT, NONE OF THESE TRADES MAKE A LICK OF SENSE. That is what you want to hear, right?

  • Rollin Yeatts posted 2022 days ago

    Rollin Yeatts

    Thanks for the fan, Dylan! And you put together a very solid team, sir.

    I see you're a Giants fan. Though I'm a Skins fan, I'm hoping Nicks gets better soon. Trying to get back by training camp could be a mistake, though. My boy needs to rest up before he gets back to dominating.

  • Knicks Fan posted 2028 days ago

    Knicks Fan

    I'm basically a New York fan and more of a Giants fan than the Jets. But since the Tebow trade(I'm not really a bandwagoner or anything), I am really looking forward to the Jets this upcoming season. But I'm still more of a Giants fan though. Do you prefer the Knicks or Nets though?