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"You should'nt throw stones if you live in a glass house,
And if you got a glass jaw you should watch your mouth"

That was one of my favorite 50 cent verse's from his classic album "Get Rich Or Die Trying".

I was raised a military brat so my loyalty to certain teams stem from where I lived during the time I started watching a sport. For instance, when we moved from Guam to LA back in '87 I started getting into the NBA and fell in love with the Showtime Lakers. It did'nt hurt that they won back to back titles during my 2 year stay in LA.

In '89 we moved to a military base in between the 2 bay bridges called Treasure Island. Of course during this time the 49ers and Joe Montana were winning back to back Superbowls and thats when I fell in love with football.

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  • John Louie Ramos posted 3267 days ago

    John Louie Ramos

    "We have a strong urge to idolize greatness and to judge harshly when the great ones fall from the pinnacle on which we have place them"

    the story of Iron Mike Tyson,