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I'm an entertainer, writer, creative director and more that spins way too many plates for his own good. If you name it, I've got a project that I'm working on with it. This includes…

* Owner-operator of the wrestling website Smark Out Moment (

* You can also check out the weekly podcast show Smack Talk

* I'm a project consultant and media manager for Old Time Wrestling, an independent professional wrestling organization in New Jersey.

* Owner-operator of the geek culture website Fanboys Anonymous (

* Owner-operator of the social commentary website Out on Limbs (

If you'd like to approach me for creative direction/consultation work as well as general writing and acting inquiries through A Mango Tree, my umbrella company, you can send me an email at

You can add me on Twitter at,
on LinkedIn at
and on Facebook at as well as tons of others (you'll find them, they're not hiding)

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  • Black Widow posted 459 days ago

    Black  Widow

    No problem, man! I just realize that you are known as Tony Mango last time in Yahoo! around 4 years ago!

  • Yay Yaaaaaaaaaay posted 484 days ago

    Yay Yaaaaaaaaaay

    Mr. Papaya stinks though, i'm more of a Mr. Cantaloupe person myself.

  • Anthony Mango posted 486 days ago

    Anthony Mango

    Not yet, Yay...but Mr. Papaya's a stand-up dude.

  • Yay Yaaaaaaaaaay posted 486 days ago

    Yay Yaaaaaaaaaay

    Mr. Mango, have you met Mr. Guava?

  • Salman Saleem posted 507 days ago

    Salman Saleem

    It is my pleasure to be a fan of you, Mr Anthony Mango :-)

  • Blake Dodge posted 509 days ago

    Blake Dodge

    No problem man!

  • Nour Sedki posted 560 days ago

    Nour Sedki

    So they're referring to Hardy as a WWE Champion like Cena is now, right? Thanks in advance man!

  • Nour Sedki posted 560 days ago

    Nour Sedki

    Hi mate. Just need you to do me a favor here. When WWE described Jeff Hardy as “one of the most popular WWE Champions in history” in their bio of him on his Alumni page, did they mean he was one of the most popular guys when he WWE Champion, or just one of the most popular guys overall? And what does ‘WWE Champions’ mean here; a WWE Champion (like John Cena is now) or any Champion in WWE (i.e IC or US or tag-team). Thanks in advance, Anthony!

  • CM Mox posted 586 days ago

    CM Mox

    Welcome :)

  • CM Mox posted 596 days ago

    CM Mox

    I prefer Mox ;) lol
    You're welcome :)

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