Kevin Clements


Born (1960) and raised and still live in the Miami area. Grew up as a Dolphins season ticket holder and Hurricanes season ticket holder. My first exposure to baseball was with the Spring Training games of the Baltimore Orioles at old Miami Stadium. We would go to 4 or 5 every spring. Then when I became a student at the U of Miami (1978) I started going to all of the Hurricanes games and was totally hooked on baseball. Went to my 1st professional game in 1978 as well, in NY when the Reds played the Mets and saw Pete Rose get his hitting streak to game # 35. Was next in Atlanta in 1979 for a game vs the Phillies, and then once again for another game in NY vs the Cubs (was Darling vs Eckersley). Never got to Yankee Stadium unfortunately.

Was happier than could be once we had news that Wayne Huizenga had been awarded a franchise for the NL in 1992 and have watched just about every game in Marlins history that I could since their inception. Due to a physical disability I haven't been able to go to a Marlins game, I do not miss any on TV and then watch on MLB.TV those game I miss after they have been archived.

I do not profess any great knowledge on baseball and its intricacies, but I do think I speak for your ordinary fan, that follows the game. Our voice is important, and I like to make my voice heard, and through Bleacher Report I hope to do that.

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