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Bleacher Report lead writer for the AFC West.

I have been covering the AFC West for the past two seasons for Bleacher Report. Prior to that, I covered the Raiders for for about four years.

I studied broadcast journalism at Abilene Christian University, which is located in the heart of football country.

My passion for football and desire to cover the sport as a career lead me to use my journalism degree to write in absence of opportunities to use my broadcast background.

I have strong opinions, but I'm not unwilling to change them when the evidence suggests I am wrong. I strive to be impartial in my analysis and engage you with my writing style.

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  • Joseph Baldino posted 234 days ago

    Joseph Baldino

    So after going back to your predictions last year for the Chargers, you said they would be 7-9 and 1-5 in the division. Instead they went 9-7 and went 4-2 in the division. This year, what do you know you have them at 7-9 again and 2-4 in the division. There really is only one game on the schedule that I totally disagree with you on and that is the Jets at home. I only have them going 9-7, especially with the toughest end of the season schedule as anyone in the league. On paper the Raiders should be better, but how many times has a team brought in big name free agents and it doesn't pay off? 2-4 in the division for the Chargers once again is a little low.

  • Just another opinion posted 324 days ago

    Just another opinion

    Just another view using some of your words...with a twist:

    The Seattle Seahawks haven’t seen an offense like this all season. The Seahawks have stopped teams with a good offense line, good wide-receivers, a good quarterback and even two of the three, but not one that is so good at all three levels. The Denver Broncos will also keep the ball moving and limit the number of opportunities the Seahawks have to hurt them. On a per-drive basis, the Broncos had a better offense than the Seattle Seahawks this season. The Broncos/Manning are also going to have two weeks to prepare, which will make the offense more explosive. In the end, Seattle's defense (and offense) just isn’t going to be strong enough.

  • Grog James posted 327 days ago

    Grog James

    Chris, dude are you for real? Really, you're going to pick against Denver as the AFC West lead writer. I was incredulous until I checked out your bio and suddenly it all made sense--you are a zombie raiders fan. So, with all your biased writing, how are all the other team's fans in the AFC West supposed to take your writing seriously? You should consider another line of work. I would love to hear your defense of your very clear bias. We get enough of this crap from our own government you would think sports could be treated a little differently.

  • Morgan M posted 345 days ago

    Morgan M

    Hey just letting you know about an issue with the chart in your recent post "Why San Diego Chargers are a Serious Threat to the Denver Broncos Title Hopes." The chart showing the offensive comparison doesn't match with what you had just said in the previous paragraphs. It looks as though you might have got the names switched around in the chart.

    "The Chargers also lead the league in plays per drive by a wide margin with 6.6 plays compared with 6.1 for the next closest team and 5.9 for the Broncos, who rank fifth. The Chargers average a league-high 37.7 yards per offensive drive, just ahead of the Broncos' 36.2 yards per drive.

    On third downs, the Chargers were the best in the league with a conversion percentage of 49.03—the Broncos were second at 46.34 percent. The Chargers also had the fewest three-and-outs with just 23, and the Broncos were second with 31, according to Andrew Siciliano of"

    Offensive Comparison
    Team Drives Plays Score % Three-and-Outs 3rd Down % Red Zone %
    Broncos 202 1182 47.5 23 49.03 76.1
    NFL Rank 4 1 1 1 1 1
    Chargers 167 1098 44.9 31 46.34 50.9
    NFL Rank 32 12 2 2 2 25

    Thought you might want to fix that....or fix the article if that's what's wrong. Best regards.

  • Joseph Baldino posted 354 days ago

    Joseph Baldino

    Like I said way back in April when you predicted the Chargers division record. They aren't going 1-5. Instead they went 4-2. Win or lose, The Chargers have by far outperformed what you thought they were going to be. Win or lose on Sunday. It's ok to admit when you are wrong and that you were writing with the heart of a Raider fan that wishes nothing but bad things for the Chargers. You are a Raider fan. I would expect nothing else from you. Please just stick to the Raiders.

  • matt brodsky posted 357 days ago

    matt brodsky

    Hello Mr. Hansen, I just want to point out the fact that before the Chargers-Broncos game in week 15 you wrote an article that began by saying:

    "The San Diego Chargers aren’t going to the postseason—that's a safe bet at this point. The current odds of the Chargers playing football in January are hovering somewhere between hell freezing over and a pig flying."

    Well, it is now after week 17 and the Chargers are in fact in the playoffs and they will be playing in the January. Funny huh? Might've just saw a pig outside my window, not sure. Or maybe it was a devil trying to find some warmth. Regardless, I think you should own up to how wrong you were and apologize to Charger Fans for your arrogance and your incorrect statements. Thank you.

    -All Charger Fans


  • Shannon Hollenbeck posted 420 days ago

    Shannon Hollenbeck

    Sorry to be off topic but have they changed the writing format? I noticed all the AFC west blogs/articles are written by one author. That wasn't always the case. If it changed last year forgive me didn't really have much time for br last season.

  • Boz Werth posted 443 days ago

    Boz Werth

    AJ Smith & Norv Turner helped to impede progress for the San Diego Charger organization. Needless to say the Spaons family dropped the ball on the Turner hire and Marty firing. Smith turned out to be an egotistical jack ass after all with no Super Bowl to show for his harsh glare. Long story short, I like the way the players are responding to the new coaching change and the new outlook it has brought to the team is clearly contagious. Rivers looks reinvented, Gates looks rejuvenated, and the O-Line is not the issue. Special teams and the kick return game will only improve with the Hawkins signing. Another shrewd move for the McCoy regime. The defense needs to get off the field as soon as possible, so Pagano must dial up some blitz pressure from the LBs and Secondary if that is to happen. Soft defensive paly calling bailed out the Texans and Titans. Sorry but clear as day. Other than that Bolts are back on track and giving San Diego football fans something to smile about.

  • Minh Nguyen posted 456 days ago

    Minh Nguyen

    Christopher, as a Charger Fan I actually enjoyed your article on Rivers. It was backed up with stats and written with little bias. I appreciate the animated gifs, "whip" route explanation, and route photos. All in all, very good work. I myself have been on the fence ever since Rivers was handed the job back in 2005-2006.

    On a side note, I want to bring to your attention to UT San Diego's writer Kevin Acee recent article (link below). I find it an odd coincidence and completely unprofessional that he happened to use the same "ProFootballFocus' Time to Pass" stat that you did.

  • Jeremy shutrump posted 462 days ago

    Jeremy shutrump

    you need to kill yourself and your family i dont want your genes contaminating this earth, f*in Philip Rivers hater...he will rip you apart and slap you with his 10inch co*k as usual...shit writer