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Born and raised in Columbia, Missouri, I've been a lifelong Mizzou fan and am dedicated to their top-notch coverage and insight. Want to know what's really going on with Mizzou football and men's basketball as well as a solid take on all sports from St. Louis to Kansas City? Give me a follow on Twitter @irwinsports

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  • Dan Irwin posted 287 days ago

    Dan Irwin

    Content Standards... they'll get you, then kick you while you're down. And then write a well-worded letter recapping how they dragged you around by your underwear.

  • Dan Irwin posted 553 days ago

    Dan Irwin

    I need more Twitter followers! Hit me up @danirwinsports

  • Dan Irwin posted 583 days ago

    Dan Irwin

    The Bleacher Report train is ROLLIN' again!

  • Dan Irwin posted 734 days ago

    Dan Irwin

    So as I load the Bleacher Report main page, the TeamStream suggestions for teams to follow are the Kansas City Chiefs as I am currently in Kansas City, but also the kansas jayhawks. I can honestly say I've never been more offended and disturbed. The situation however has been rectified.

  • Dan Irwin posted 742 days ago

    Dan Irwin

    After writing for a competing website since the second week of September, I'd like to announce that I'm now back with the Bleacher Report! Better publishing tools and higher visibility are the main reasons. Thank you to all my fans!

  • Dan Irwin posted 906 days ago

    Dan Irwin

    Well I did it. After years of wondering and playing to what seemed like no end, I have finally defeated the original Metroid for the NES. I will admit to dying on the final boss once and having to come back at her for a second try, but nothing is taking away this glory. That means this and Ninja Gaiden are on my list of newly conquered games this summer. And while I still have the other two from the Ninja Gaiden trilogy to beat, up next will be the first Ninja Turtles game. Taking out ALL the tough ones!!

  • Dan Irwin posted 908 days ago

    Dan Irwin

    Tons of Dawgs fans in Columbia... this is great. I hope the UGA team shows up as well as their fans are!

  • Dan Irwin posted 916 days ago

    Dan Irwin

    I'm having a hard time figuring out what is worse... the Kent State player that ran the wrong way, or the two Towson players who tackled him!! He could have gotten a safety or tossed the ball aside thinking he'd scored and a Towson player could have gotten a gimmie touchdown. Double epic fail.

  • Dan Irwin posted 917 days ago

    Dan Irwin

    I'd like to thank everyone who's read, commented and supported me... I'll soon be moving up to the ranks of Missouri football Featured Columnist! Stay tuned and M-I-Z!!