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  • James DoubleU posted 1933 days ago

    James DoubleU

    Hey, I can appreciate you're a little hot, so I'm going to try to make myself understood here.

    When I said I didn't read either article closely, I was saying I didn't check the language for similarities or copied passages, etc. I skimmed them. I also said you could point me to specific examples in case there were some. I said this first thing so, if there was real evidence of plagiarism within the wording of the articles, you could just ignore the rest of my comment, as it was based on the assumption that there were no such examples. Too bad you didn't just do that.

    Also, I didn't say I didn't read either article at all, though you say I did. So maybe you just skimmed my comment as well?

    Really, if you have evidence of plagiarism, you should take that evidence to someone who could assist you in taking the article down, removing the author from the site, or some other useful action, rather than just complaining in the comments in a manner that doesn't really help you.

    The overall structure and presentation of both pieces was quite different, and considering the number of multiple articles that go out on the same subject every day, there wasn't anything that (to a cursory inspection) shouted that any ideas had been stolen from you.

    With a grand total of eight possible ways the first round of the tournament could shake out, and taking into consideration the predictability inherent in the WWE, and specifically the way the teams were paired weak-vs-strong, it was probably more likely that two people would independently come to the same conclusions.

    So if there is any evidence of copying, it would be in the language and presentation. With the difference in presentation, that leaves the language. If there are close similarities there, you should move forward with taking some kind of productive action. But you didn't mention the language in your comments, or on my profile page, and you didn't ignore my comment for being based on a false premise (i.e. misunderstanding what you were mad about from your vague and inexact complaint).

    Was it lazy of me to form my comment the way I did and not to take the time to go through both articles looking for stolen passages? Sure. I'll cop to that.

    But it's not my job to root out plagiarists (and I don't have any special skills or training to do that), and you didn't mention one specific instance for me to go check out. Unless you did and I missed it, in which case I'll also cop to not reading the comments section fully.

    I write articles on here sometimes, I don't just sit and comment (I understand you write elsewhere, obviously, I'm just saying I do have a perspective as content creator). And I see other people writing the same essential articles as me and I know I didn't copy them and they didn't copy me. When people add the phrase "Major Broskis" into their articles, I know I came up with that term on my own, but I don't look for credit because I know it would be easy for anyone else to come up with that independently.

    I'm not saying this guy didn't steal from you - maybe he did. But if you can't show me a specific phrase or paragraph structure or something, I'll never know. It's not like any of the ideas in an article like that are proprietary or unique. If you both write an article with the same points, just write it better than he did, problem solved.

    I wasn't trying to trash you then, and I'm not out to trash you now. If you have a legitimate grievance, by all means follow it up. But you can't just post indicating someone is stealing other peoples' work and not even get specific about what they're doing. Because if it's not true, and other people believe you, that hurts the other author. Even if they're not really good, they don't deserve that (also it's libelous).

    PS - Obviously I can't know what conversations you've had on WrestleEnigma, I can only go on what you posted in your comments here, which wasn't much other than a link to an article and an accusation. (Which, if there wasn't something to your claim, would just look like an attempt to drive up traffic.)

    PPS - If you can't tell, I have a tendency to ramble, re-state, and over-explain. I may also phrase some things poorly, so sorry for any confusion.

    However: I mentioned he did a ranking and you did predictions - true. I mentioned that he was judging the whole tournament, and you were focusing on the current round - also true. I never used the word "prediction" to refer to his work. I said "his article is complete through the tournament's end; he's effectively called his shot for the finals" when differentiating between his full-tournament format vs your round-by-round format. That didn't make a distinction between predictions and rankings because I'd already covered that aspect. If "called his shot" was confusing or misleading on that front, I apologize, but I didn't say "his predictions go for the whole tournament" as you state. I was saying his article covered who should win the tournament finals, i.e. the whole tournament.

    Again, I'm sorry you're frustrated, and I'm sorry I contributed to that. But unless you can show me something that makes me more convinced the guy stole language from your article, I'm going to have to stick to my guns on this. Good luck with your writing.

  • Lita's Thong posted 2178 days ago

    Lita's Thong

    Ask away man, thanks for the compliment!

    That was an amazing show from start to finish. Punk vs Bryan was hopefully just a taste of whats to come from those two, would really like a huge feud between them this year. That's why I said DB is my favorite right now, hopefully we've got years of that to come!

    Rock vs Cena, Punk vs Y2J, MITB - Wrestlemania is shaping up nicely! They've added so much interest as to who will face Taker this year with HHH walking away, that was simply incredible! For the moment (even though he wasn't great at the start) Funkman has kept his job, no point ending his on screen character just yet, so all good there! Cena was limited but effective, exactly what the WWE should have been doing with him for a while now.

    I'm blown away by tonight! When they want to, WWE can deliver in a huge way!

  • Lita's Thong posted 2179 days ago

    Lita's Thong

    I agree with you, Sheamus going for the streak is stupid! Really think they should do Orton vs Undertaker this year, but its probably going to be HHH or Kane. Sheamus needs to stay on Smackdown and challenge for the WHC, too long since a RR winner has won the title at WM and if they don't have him win it, they'll make the RR more of a mockery - didn't think that was possible after last night!

  • Lita's Thong posted 2185 days ago

    Lita's Thong

    Thanks for the fan add, much appreciated! Hopefully WWE will take DB seriously heading into WM. Welcome to B/R btw :)

  • Lita's Thong posted 2185 days ago

    Lita's Thong

    I've been a huge Jericho fan for many, many years so I'm tempted to go with him. However I'm gonna have to go with Daniel Bryan. He has so much skill and ability in the ring its scary, and we've only seen a fraction of whats to come from him.

  • Lita's Thong posted 2185 days ago

    Lita's Thong

    I've been a huge Jericho fan for many, many years so I'm tempted to go with him but I'd have to say Daniel Bryan! The man is amazing!