Journalism student and Toronto native who eats, sleeps and breathes all things sports. Being from Toronto, the Maple Leafs have been like a religion for me since I was young, and yes, it is becoming increasingly frustrating.

Growing up in Canada, my goal as a kid was always to play hockey. I know, it's very cliche, but it's true. While other students wanted to be doctors and lawyers, I was that clown who wanted to be the captain of the Leafs (I was young and naive, if only I knew how bad they would be...).

That dream died fairly quickly.

As I gradually began to turn my focus to the pitch, I realized that it was in fact soccer which I was most passionate about. I've been playing since I was a child, and it's probably the only thing that I'm any good at.

Journalism is something I became involved in quite late, but it is something I have grown to love in every way during my time at Carleton University in Ottawa. Reporting on sports, be it in print or broadcast, is what I know I want to do, and I hope you enjoy reading my stuff as much as I enjoy writing it. During my time here at B/R, I'll do my best to keep you up to speed with the very latest news from around the sporting world.

If you ever want to discuss anything, drop me a line at the email address below, or hit me up on Twitter. The best thing about sports is that everybody has an opinion, and there is nothing better than discussing those opinions with fellow fans.

Email: g.nesci3@gmail.com
Twitter: @GianlucaNesci

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  • Heather Pettis-Zimet posted 1134 days ago

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    Hi Gianluca- I was editing for your article and discovered that you have an unfinished sentence in Slide 1- third paragraph in your article "Manchester City: Why Blues Will Storm to the Premier League Title Next Season". Just wanted to give you a heads-up so you can fix it.