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Tim has yet to fill out a bio.

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  • Sports Lover posted 1586 days ago

    Sports Lover

    Nice profile pic!:D

  • Warriors Baby posted 1589 days ago

    Warriors Baby

    Warriors are out. All the bandwagon fans are gone. Better not see any more Warrior hate comments from you. I'm keeping an eye out for your comments.

  • Warriors Baby posted 1590 days ago

    Warriors Baby

    Just because your team isn't in the playoffs does not give you the right to mock another team's organization and fans.

    Stop the Warriors hate while I ask nicely. I expected more mature comments than "Warriors are a joke" from a Bleacher Report writer.

    Actually I take that back, enjoy your minimum wage and keep making fun of a quality organization because your team is not competitive.

  • rachel davenport posted 1843 days ago

    rachel davenport

    could you please write an article promoting/supporting our Allen Iverson Back to the NBA Petition? Thanks

  • rachel davenport posted 1843 days ago

    rachel davenport

    Please sign the Allen Iverson Back 2 the NBA Petitionand share it with others. Thank you