Brad Huotari

Brad Huotari


* BS Education & Development, Southern Illinois University
* Retired US Navy, Oceanographic Aircraft & Mission Commander
* Youth Select Baseball and Football coach 15 years
* Played ice hockey in Europe (Sevilla, Espana) in the mid 70's
* Played football in Europe and Asia in the late 70's and early 80's
Now a business owner and relatively new grandpa

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  • KAT GILL posted 3295 days ago


    hey brad. just re-reading our input to the clemens thing yesterday. i wanted to take a moment and thank you for your patience and consideration to my thoughts...yeah...the 15000 worded reaction to the rocket et. al. for the record, brad...yes, i may have been a little emotional. :) just discovered i need $1500 work done on my piece of german crap car. BUT. i think i should clarify: i don't think he's innocent. i don't know if he's guilty. i think steroid usage is a disgrace. and lying under oath...hell...lying in general is intollerable. i have no loyalty to clemens, per se. only my personal observations that are fairly impersonable. what i don't like was the manner in which the issue, the investigation, was lead. that was my reaction, mostly. i mean, hell. liars come and go. martha stewart, president clinton...people raise their fists in outrage...and then it's over. why fret over such mundane matters. he'll either go to prison or not. but...what bothers me is how the government and mlb went about spending money and imposing change. it was a waste of money and effort the half-ass way they went about. as for clemens in general...yes. arrogant, smug, immoral, sure. but...many many many excellent ball players share these descriptions. i guess i just try to separate the man from his contribution. it's just easier...

    and GOD BLESS YOU IF YOU READ THRU ALL THIS. feel free to assault my profile with exhausted ramblings someday. i would consider it an honor.


  • Tab Bamford posted 3298 days ago

    Tab Bamford

    How about this: