Alex Mannings

Alex Mannings


Hi, I'm Alex. resident of Englandland. Or the UK, if you like. I grew up in Bristol and currently study History at the University of Reading. I have no regrets for choosing this Uni whatsoever!

I became a huge fan of baseball after seeing the San Francisco Giants play back on the 6th of July (6pm; yes, I remember it exactly). It was cold, but the atmosphere was incredible and it was a great game (walk-off home run!). So, from there I avidly pursued the game and became very knowledgeable of the sport. Ironically, my American friends tell me I know more about baseball than they do. If I had to give a favourite player right now, it would probably be Ryan Vogelsong. An odd choice, maybe, but his 2011 season was absolutely remarkable, especially considering his past baseball seasons in the US and Japan.

From there stemmed my interest in American Football (or just Football). I thought I'd go Bay Area exclusive and support the 49ers, which turned out be a worthwhile move after their fantastic 2011 season. I can also say I'm very passionate about the NFL when it's up and roaring (not so much the Draft, but I still sort of follow it). Again, if I had to name my favourite player, I think it'll have to be Vernon Davis. He's matured so much and is now a great role model. Not to mention, he's one of the best Tight Ends in the game and 'The Catch III' says a lot about that, let alone his playoff performance.

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  • 9erGal posted 1679 days ago


    Just wondering your thoughts on the upcoming FB season. Do you think Kaep will do great??? We have a lot of the same favorite sports teams BTW. Cool.

  • Mike Johnson posted 1732 days ago

    Mike Johnson

    Unfortunately shortly after I sent you the following message a couple of days ago, I had a conflict with a plugin that kept people from being able to register. All is fixed now so please feel free to visit now and check it out!

    You may remember me as a former writer on Bleacher Report covering the San Francisco Giants. My name is Bruce Friedman.

    I have started a blog,

    I would be honored if you would register for my new blog and tell your friends.

    SF Giants View will have regular insights on what's happening with your San Francisco Giants, as they try to win the World Series 3 of the last 4 years.

    If you'd like to contact me for anything please fill out the contact form through the site.

    Thanks for your time and sorry for any trouble this caused.


  • Ken Jones posted 2089 days ago

    Ken Jones

    Why am I arguing football with a british guy, Brady is the best, do you think alex smith is better ?

  • Ken Jones posted 2089 days ago

    Ken Jones

    your a joke, pats are the best, you will see when they smoke the 49ers this year,

  • Callum Mackenzie posted 2143 days ago

    Callum Mackenzie

    Enjoying your presence on BR my good man!