Cristian Ojeda

Cristian Ojeda


Big fan of the Chilean football . If you have any question about a Chilean footballer, please let me know. I would love to help you.

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  • Miguel Pereira posted 1604 days ago

    Miguel  Pereira

    You are pretty ;) anyways what do you think about Jose Mourinho's impact on Chelsea this season ??

  • Jerry Koh posted 1683 days ago

    Jerry Koh

    nice mate. do you think we should keep henriquez or just sell him to a club where he will get to play more?

  • Jerry Koh posted 1687 days ago

    Jerry Koh

    who do you think are the best 5 u-21 chilean footballers, in order?

  • A Writer posted 1692 days ago

    A Writer

    Thanks for the fan add Cristian!

  • Jerry Koh posted 1702 days ago

    Jerry Koh

    can you give an unbiased thought on what the future holds for chile at interntional level? i know your team right now is fairly decent but are this generation of chilean youngsters good? do you think chile will be world cup contenders in about a decade, or just a last 16 team, or a very poor team who maybe will struggle to even qualify?

  • Jerry Koh posted 1732 days ago

    Jerry Koh

    I heard you mention diego rubio's name on allan jiang's wall, do you think he will be a world superstar? what is his best position and what sort of player is he? in my football manager game, he signed for sporting lisbon and i played against him with united. is he one to watch in the future?

  • Jerry Koh posted 1738 days ago

    Jerry Koh


    you know what my first question is going to be like....

    what do you think of henriquez, and do you think he will succeed at the top level of english and european football one day? how will he fit in to united's team in the future?

  • Jerry Koh posted 1739 days ago

    Jerry Koh

    hey mate, i see you are chilean and passionate about chilean football and footballers. could you share your information please? :)