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A sportswriter is neither a homer nor a fan. Instead, a sportswriter is a fan of the game, a fan of the sport he or she is covering. Though we might have favorite teams that we root for, when it comes to reporting, we call them as we see them.

We heap praise or lay blame whenever or wherever we feel it is justified. Even our favorite team’s most hated adversary can receive our profound admiration. And our team’s most beloved player or coach can be the subject of our admonition.

I am a sportswriter. It’s as plain and simple as that. I have no problem calling out the players and coaches that I admire when I feel their actions warrant it. But the game itself remains beyond reproach.

In addition to sportswriting, I have been a screenwriter, a media writer and an educator. As I type this bio with one hand while holding an ice pack on my bruised chest with the other, I realize that our greatest adversaries are ourselves not our opponents. My years of practicing nei jia (the internal martial arts) have taught me to respect and appreciate my adversaries not hate them. Why? Because, especially in defeat, they help us to see our shortcomings and realize where we must improve.

But I am most grateful to whoever invented liquid ice packs. Many kudos!

“Thirst for victory leads to defeat; not tiring of defeat leads to victory.” – Master Warrior Yamaoka Tesshu.

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  • rod wood posted 2304 days ago

    rod wood

    Hi Paul,

    In case you haven't seen it, there is an online petition going around calling on NCAA President Emmert to reduce the sanctions against USC in light of the revelations coming out of Miami. Feel free to sign it, pass it on and to make it known to as many friends as possible. You can add it to your articles, re-tweet it or whatever. Just get it going!


  • jennifer teamah posted 2340 days ago

    jennifer teamah


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  • Bill N posted 2365 days ago

    Bill N

    I would love to get your comments on “NCAA and Amateurism Are a Joke; How to Fix the College Football Mess” at:

    I hope you find that this article finally pulls together the problems with the NCAA and practical solutions that will help the athletes and colleges.

    Thanks, Bill

  • Bill N posted 2380 days ago

    Bill N

    Hi Paul,

    You may be interested in this article about the Ohio State compliance department fallacy:

    It has some comparisons to USC but it is currently located on the OSU site. I would be interested in your comments if you have time.

    Thanks, Bill

  • Bill N posted 2406 days ago

    Bill N

    I just published “USC Football Recruiting: Lane Kiffin 2012 Scholarship Math and Greatest Needs” at

    It includes a realistic estimate of the number of 2012 new scholarships, identifies the positions of greatest need and the best candidates to fill those positions.

    I haven’t heard from you in a while and would love to get your comments. Hope you are doing well.

    Thanks, Bill

  • Bill N posted 2470 days ago

    Bill N

    I was asked by B/R to interview UW's Victor Aiyewa and do a story about his NFL dream. I found him to be very interesting. You can checkout the story at:

    Thanks, Bill

  • Dave Nemetz posted 2482 days ago

    Dave Nemetz

    Paul, not sure if you already saw this but Matt Barkley tweeted one of your articles today:!/MattBarkley/statuses/40854511673282560

  • Gone Fishin posted 2497 days ago

    Gone  Fishin

    It really looks like Jim buss could quash this trade btwn bynum and Anthony. I'm very much afraid he could become another al Davis in the sense he rules with an iron fist and doesn't listen to the brain trust around him or apply common sense in golden opportunities, rather insisting on his own opinion. This is a business and needs to be run as one, not as friends afraid of hurting one anthers feeling due in part to what's best for the team and franchise.

  • Bill N posted 2545 days ago

    Bill N

    Hi Paul. You may enjoy this article:

    Have a merry Christmas and happy new year!


  • Bill N posted 2582 days ago

    Bill N

    Hi Paul. Hope you get a chance to read my latest article about the USC appeal at , and look forward to your comments. Regardless of the sanctions, the Trojans have done pretty good. It will be great to finish 10-3 if they can get past Oregon State at Corvalis this weekend, and then finish strong against Notre Dame and UCLA.
    Thanks, Bill