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  • Andrew Ungvari posted 3219 days ago

    Andrew Ungvari

    "I guess an LA boy still isn't over us beating you guys in the finals."

    I didn't realize you were on the team. What position do you play?

  • Andrew Ungvari posted 3219 days ago

    Andrew Ungvari

    You wrote in your comments:

    "I would also say as a neutral bystander, that given your list of favorite games, and how skewed the officiating was in those, that you might be careful in judging Laker-haters so harshly. The league has on a number of occasions held the Lakers to a different standard than the rest of the league, so I would try and hold the petty comments."

    I'm curious. Which game (s) of the ones I listed were you referring to?

    Here's the list again:

    2000 - Game 7 Lakers vs. Blazers; 2002 - Game 4 Lakers vs. Kings (Robert Horry); 2006 - Kobe's 81; 1991 - NBA Finals Game 5, MJ's first title; 2001 - Los Angeles Kings vs. Colorado Avalanche Game 6 (1-0 Double OT); 1994 - Kent Mercker's no-hitter Braves vs. Dodgers; 2003 - Lakers vs. Wiz (MJ's last game vs LAL) Kobe gets 55, 42 in 1st half; 2002 - Lakers vs. Mavs (Down by 27 to start the 4th, Lakers rally and win); 2002 - Lakers vs. Grizzlies (Kobe scores 56 in 3 quarters); 2004 - Dodgers vs. Cardinals NLDS (Lima pitches five-hit comlplete game shutout)

    Was it the Lakers/Kings game in 2002? There was nothing questionable about the officiating in that game. Game 6 was the one with all the free throws if that's what you meant.

    Maybe you should stick to hockey...

  • Ryan Michael posted 3219 days ago

    Ryan Michael

    I appreciate the suggestion but why would I stop writing about Peyton Manning? I'm the #1 ranked writer in the Peyton Manning section. I've written many articles about him and they always seem to manage to gather plenty of article reads, comments, and POTD nominations.

    I understand Patriots fans get upset when I state that I feel that he is better than Tom Brady but if that statement wasn't based in reality, no one would care.

    People write articles about Brady being better than Manning but I never care to get upset, I say my piece and let that be that.

    Beyond the whole Manning vs. Brady debate, my Peyton articles have brought me some of the most success I've had here on b/r and I plan on continuing to write about Peyton Manning.

  • G D posted 3220 days ago

    G D

    Hey man, thanks for the comments.. Let me know if u like this one too..

    Right now we all need to take time out of our day, and pray for Jim Johnson. The Philadelphia Eagle's defensive coordinator who was diagnosed with skin cancer. Let me know what you think. Thanks