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If it seems I have an interesting selection of teams that I am a fan of there is a good reason. I was born in Florida and my dad was in the military. Moving around as a kid I did not gain interest in sports until the age of 7. At the time there were no baseball teams in Florida so I selected my favorite team, the St Louis Cardinals, by buying a pack of baseball cards and pulling out a Terry Pendleton card first. I then picked my favorite NFL team the way any rational 7 year old would living in Guam and that was simply Joe Montana and Jerry Rice equals awesomeness. That explains how I became both a Cards and a Niners fan. I chose the Gators as my college team by simply asking my parents what colleges were in Florida. I then gained an interest in hockey living in Tampa when the city was awarded the Lightning franchise, and have stuck by them since then. I was a fan of the Bulls as a young kid, before they won a title, naturally because of Jordan and Pippen and the fact that Tampa had no basketball team and well nobody cared about Orlando back then. I'm not really into the NBA now but I pull for the Bulls still. I really enjoyed watching Oregon play football at 10pm back in middle school. I thought they were a fun team to watch, loved their mascot probably because Donald Duck was always my favorite Disney character, and have pulled for them ever since as a second favorite team. Finally, the Seahawks. I just love Seattle and would move their in a heartbeat. I haven't always pulled for them, but for the last 5 or so years I have simply because I love the city and feel bad that none of their teams ever win championships. Yeah weird a Niners and Seahawks fan but since I'm not from San Fran I guess the hated division rival part wasn't hardwired into me growing up.

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