I'm an Aussie who has had a go at most sports in my time, but woke up one morning and realised that I'm now in my 40's and my body can't cope with the rigours anymore. Unfortunately for everyone else, I have replaced sport with my new pastime of telling the world what I think about things. Sorry about that.

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  • Alan Dawson posted 1818 days ago

    Alan Dawson

    I like your writing style mate. Good work.

  • Chris Lawrence posted 1960 days ago

    Chris  Lawrence

    It's all good, Craig. Don't worry about it.

  • Gail Mrs Gray posted 1966 days ago

    Gail Mrs Gray

    Come and join me at facebook i would love to chat all day long on Michael and u can comment on my schumi photo albums. look out for Gail Jacqueline Gray (Schumacherfan)

  • Sean Hojnacki posted 1966 days ago

    Sean Hojnacki

    No need to apologize, Craig. You're writing these from Down Under? Kudos to you. You're way ahead of the peloton. Keep up the good work!

  • Michael Hatamoto posted 1981 days ago

    Michael Hatamoto

    Hi Craig, thanks for the props on the Armstrong story! It's crazy how weird the past couple of weeks have been for pro cycling. All of this controversy and uncertainty before the TdF!

  • Melissa Lohr posted 2016 days ago

    Melissa Lohr

    No problem, Craig! I'm still working on learning the different spellings and such from the international writers on here, so we're in the same boat :)

  • Seth Williams posted 2066 days ago

    Seth Williams

    Hey Craig,

    I just launched a new F1 site to connect fans with drivers. I'd love for you to check it out and help me spread the word. If you let me know your Twitter name I can send you a post to RT as well.

    I'd greatly appreciate the help. Thanks man!



  • David Baulcomb posted 2069 days ago

    David Baulcomb

    Thanks Craig, reading through your articles you have a good insight and perception into F1, many of which I agreed with, keep up the good work! I'll make sure I get some written and send you through the links! Cheers.

  • Meredith Day posted 2072 days ago

    Meredith Day

    You're welcome. As for the comma and the independent clause, you're absolutely right; I'm sorry for oversimplifying the matter. My thinking was that the extra comma made the sentence feel too choppy, so even though it's technically correct, it's not absolutely necessary. However, I was probably too quick to pull the trigger on it because of recently encountering other articles that did it wrong (putting a comma before "but" when "but" was at the beginning of a sentence). Sorry for the confusion, and I'm glad to see a writer who knows his grammar that well! :)

  • Kieran Beckles posted 2097 days ago

    Kieran Beckles

    Hi Craig. Would it be possible to get your email? Many thanks, Kieran.