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I'm Nick. I'm 23, and for four months out of the year I live for football (specifically Michigan Wolverines football). The other eight months I pull my hair out, rewatch games, relive moments, browse b/r, and count the seconds, minutes, hours, and days until the first Saturday of September. Though I respect the skill and tradition of sports such as basketball, baseball, and soccer, I don't follow them, nor can a game hold my interest for long. I am a football, hockey, golf kind of guy.

Oh, and I like curling. I don't know what it is, but I put off studying for finals last Winter Olympics to watch curling all day.

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  • Charlie Arndt posted 2093 days ago

    Charlie Arndt

    The one thing I hate more then ignorant uw badger fans who write for bleacher report is arrogant scUM fans who write articles about The Ohio State University. How about you try something new and leave articles about tOSU to be written by people who can overcome their bias tendencies.

  • Joe Rowland posted 2099 days ago

    Joe Rowland

    Your welcome... Dexter... best show ever

  • The Schwartz Is Strong Within You posted 2099 days ago

    The Schwartz Is Strong Within You

    Just been tormenting some of the UM fans that have been following all the OSU articles and ruining the conversation. Sorry to impose on your article im a die hard lions fan but alos diehard Buckeyes fan if thats aloud lol. But on the respect topic yes i have full respect for the BIG GAME and wish it to get back to full GLORY! I love what hoke is doing with the team and hope he keeps it up. Love the articles, keep up the good work.

    Here come the B1G!!!

  • Lionel Simms posted 2106 days ago

    Lionel Simms

    You should become a BR writer. You have very good insight into college football.

  • Anthony Kang posted 2106 days ago

    Anthony Kang

    Hey Nick, I can't tell you how refreshing your attitude and openness to suggestions and learning really is. Keep doin' what you do, and climb up that BR ladder.