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  • Samir posted 1518 days ago


    Aaron Gray just dropped 22 and 10.

    Haters gonna hate

    http://www.sportsnet.ca/basketball/2012/01/09/gray_aaron_640.jpg ; any time you look swagged out like that, you're a beast

  • Ben Millikan posted 1665 days ago

    Ben Millikan

    My pleasure, Andrew.

  • Dave Ungar posted 1685 days ago

    Dave Ungar

    Andrew thanks for being a fan. You must be Glenn's brother.

  • Errol Elam posted 1698 days ago

    Errol Elam

    hey andrew, just want to give a shout out. you put out great articles and i am a fan. keep up the good writing bro!

  • delete2 accountus posted 1698 days ago

    delete2 accountus

    Sounds good to me. It's my pleasure!

  • delete2 accountus posted 1724 days ago

    delete2 accountus

    You bet. Your article is great!

  • Tiffany Brennan posted 1728 days ago

    Tiffany Brennan

    You're welcome, Andrew! Glad to see the article is garnering all those reads.

  • John Ewen posted 1809 days ago

    John  Ewen

    Thanks a lot for the edits and shares Andrew. Greatly appreciated!

  • Alec Nathan posted 1810 days ago

    Alec Nathan

    Thanks for the feedback and edits Andrew.

  • Nick Carlo posted 1819 days ago

    Nick  Carlo

    Thanks for the edits and feedback Andrew, I really appreciate it.