Please push Drewmcintyre The chosen one

Please push Drewmcintyre The chosen one


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  • Sports Lover posted 1703 days ago

    Sports Lover


  • Ben Moore posted 2172 days ago

    Ben Moore

    Well I have never been some to have a TOP favorite. I feel if pushed the right way they can be great in their own way.

    I watched attitude and wcw as a kid I stopped watching around age 14 and just recently started watching last year. THANKFULLY I missed most of super Cena. However I also miss a lot. Apparently 2011 was a good year for WWE in terms of the Internet fans. I got excited when punk cut his big promo. Then cringed after he fizzled out and basically lost that edge. I almost feel sorry for John Trollinits.

  • Ben Moore posted 2174 days ago

    Ben Moore

    Lately I have become a HUGE Drew Mcintyre fan. I was not watching wwe at the time he debuted, but I have gone back and watch most of his old matches.

    Is this new storyline killing you as much as its killing me?
    He should be the future!

  • Mack Ochenka posted 2192 days ago

    Mack Ochenka

    at least his in a storyline now....