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  • Max D'out posted 10 days ago

    Max D'out

    Hey Mr. Simms any chance of a pre weekend injury report?, Video, write up, dart board, chocolate wheel, your choice of coarse, or if not keen get Leftoe to stop annoying us all with
    his mega money winning tips and do something useful for a change...,
    Awesome, let me know what time and which day it's posted, would like to stay and chat about front row forwads, second row forwards, five eight options and who you'd like to see at fullback, but gotta go put another barbie on the shrimp, maate!

  • scott hughes posted 15 days ago

    scott hughes

    You're a joke, do you still think Brady isn't an elite QB? Clown

  • Bill Mechefske posted 23 days ago

    Bill Mechefske

    I enjoy both your podcast and power rankings as they are entertaining and informative.

    Good job!

  • Jake Caccavaro posted 32 days ago

    Jake Caccavaro

    Chris, I'm curious about your belief that Carson Wentz has been the best offensive player in the league over Tom Brady. Through Week 10, the stat lines are:

    Brady: 67.3%, 2,807yds, 19-3 TD:INT ratio, 8.2 Y/A, 108.3 rating

    Wentz: 60.5%, 2,262yds, 23-5 TD:INT ratio, 7.8 Y/A, 104.1 rating

    Brady is doing this with a much weaker run game and offensive line, while Wentz is doing it with a weaker receiving core. I'm a fan of watching them both play football and I think they've been the two best QBs in football this year, but I'd be interested in hearing your reasoning as to why Wentz has been better. Brady is the greatest QB of all time and is having what is probably his 3rd greatest year ever. I have a hard time believing Wentz is outplaying the greatest ever at the peak of his (Brady's) powers. Hopefully you get a chance to read and/or respond to this. Thank you and keep up the good work!

  • John Beatrice posted 49 days ago

    John Beatrice

    Chris, you did a great job on the Week 8 Miami game - They lost 40-0..... Only you picked Miami

  • Jaden Gard posted 65 days ago

    Jaden Gard

    Alex smith deserves to be on the all week 5 team, you squid.

  • jordan dinehart posted 66 days ago

    jordan dinehart

    Can you please put every team's record when doing your weekly NFL Power Rankings? It helps to see where they stand in the season when reading the rankings. Thanks

  • ken ribsey posted 85 days ago

    ken ribsey

    Chris, your NFL picks are worse than your playing career.

  • Ken Allen posted 120 days ago

    Ken Allen

    Give it up, buddy. You really don't see things with clear eyes. I will no longer read anything you have to say.

  • Mark Maxon posted 130 days ago

    Mark Maxon

    You stated in your latest article that Rodgers was the GOAT??? WTF are you smoking?