chuck norris is watching you

chuck norris is watching you


in soviet russia, chuck norris still kicks your ass

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  • Undead Warrior posted 2028 days ago

    Undead Warrior
    More Chuck Norris

  • Undead Warrior posted 2030 days ago

    Undead Warrior
    Chuck Norris joke haha

  • Undead Warrior posted 2034 days ago

    Undead Warrior

    hit me up sometime, and I'd love it if you commented on at least one of my articles too.

  • Undead Warrior posted 2045 days ago

    Undead Warrior

    "no thanks im not gay" just because of yer awesome answers, chuck norris and yer comments FAN!

  • Chris Chiquillo posted 2106 days ago

    Chris  Chiquillo

    Bryan Danielson aka the american dragon > chuck norris. i couldnt let you get the last word you hermaphrodite. SNAKES!!

  • Ashe Coscolluela posted 2117 days ago

    Ashe Coscolluela

    Did you kill Bruce Lee?

  • Daniel Bryan posted 2155 days ago

    Daniel  Bryan

    Oh, and I called you a coward because you were never backing up your statements for D-Bry being boring, and you'd just repeat the same things over and over again to try and sound important.

  • Daniel Bryan posted 2155 days ago

    Daniel  Bryan

    "I fail to see how I insulted you. are you talking about my daniel bryan fanboy comment? well you sir ARE daniel bryan. how can you be a daniel bryan fanboy? are you talking about my go outside, douche comment? when you were in ROH, wasnt there a saying that went, "danielson is a dick"? what about now? isnt the character you play, a douchebag? I believe I heard a saying, "d-bry is a douche", referring to your character. I dont recall ever speaking to you out of character, before you did that to me. If I did, then show me."

    Nooo.. dude, when I made that toomfoolery comment, I was speaking in terms of Kayfabe there. You were calling me boring without any reasoning, so I was making comments about Norris being bad.

    Now, non-kayfabe. I know you didn't throw any abusive remarks, and I didn't really throw any either - I was just heavily criticising you for your actions. Although the comment about 'go outside you douche' was a bit hard to interpret because prior to
    it was slightly verging a tinsy bit onto the personal level. And saying that to D-Bry wouldn't make much sense either because he's out there almost every day trying to entertain the fans. Saying to that to the actual user (me) wouldn't work either because it's over the internet, and you don't know anything about them. Lol.

  • Daniel Bryan posted 2155 days ago

    Daniel  Bryan

    Ah, finally! You explain your actions for once rather than just repeating the same thing over and over again that just makes you seem ignorant.

    I know what a vanilla midget is. I would disagree with you here though.

    Wait, because he can’t cut an interesting promo, and you don’t like his character, it qualifies for unnecessary bashing? Yeah, in the WWE, creative is misusing him – but you’re making it seem like the character is inherently his problem. Check out his promos in ROH, and his matches – they’re damn fantastic. (Why does it seem like many wrestlers always do better in the indies rather than when they go to WWE..? >_>). But when people on B/R are critical of D-Bry, they usually back up what they say and give reasons as to why he can improve, and they don’t throw unnecessary jabs at him. Furthermore, despite not liking Bryan, I haven’t seen any of them spam articles regularly, saying how bland Daniel Bryan is. Fair enough for you to not like him, but the only person who, in my opinion, deserves constant berating is John Cena.

    No, people bash you because of you act like an idiot. You repeat the same thing over and over again, just with different wording, and you don't support your posts with any credible reasoning - the only thing I've seen is 'BECAUSE BRYAN IS BORING.' Heck, even articles which have nothing to do with Bryan, you mention him - e.g 'Please cut Daniel Byran'. I hope you were joking there.

    And I wouldn’t say that the IWC god is D-Bry — it's more associated with CM Punk. There are tonnes more articles on him, and a huge amount of praise for him. However, I'll accept that he is more entertaining than D-Bry though, in terms of charisma and mic skills. I can't say that for wrestling ability though. But honestly, and I digress here, who else you expect them to support that's equally as entertaining? Heath Slater? No. Justin Gabriel? No. Boreton? Nope. CENA? No way in hell. Jericho? Perhaps, but he's just returned so we can't count him in. The point is, who else is there in the WWE that's as interesting to watch as CM Punk - I don't see many others managing to do the same thing he does. People like Rhodes are getting there, but haven't reached that mark yet. Although yes, people are definitely overrating him.

    At least you're not a Cena mark and you want Rocky to win at WM. Sheesh, I'd hate to imagine what that would be like!

  • Shawn Scott posted 2155 days ago

    Shawn Scott

    I have noticed that most of your comments are about berating Bryan Danielson (refuse to call him by his WWE name), so I ask the following question: what do you have against him? He has superb wrestling ability, and is progressing on the mic. Most certainly, he needs a completely different gimmick if he's gonna be a heel, because this vegan gimmick is a joke, but all your comments are just silly remarks about how bad he is; and you make tonnes of excuses without giving him any credit for what he does. It does get pretty disrespectful at times brah.