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Doffing my proverbial cap to those more experinced within the game than myself who regularly contribute to this site, i would classify myself as a mere "fan" of the beautiful game, football, soccer, if you prefer, although in advance i stress it's the last time you will read me referring to the "S" word.

My playing career was tragically turgid, and at best I could be described as "of somewhat limited abilty" however my enthusiasm for the game has never been in doubt.

Growing up in Glasgow, I have been an avid Celtic supporter since conception, as is the way in such things, however having spent large swathes of my life in Barcelona, i have more than a soft spot for the Catalans also. Occasionally, I head to Blackburn to watch the Rovers as well, although my dedication towards them is less fervent. I'm lucky enough to have travelled to World Cups, European Champonships, European finals and some of the finest cities on earth to take in matches, and, i also can be found on wet, windy tracksides on monday evenings watching matches where the substitutes bench dwarfs the spectators gallery. I'm on the board fo one particular club, but it would be fair to say therein, the simililarities between myself and Roman Abramovich end.

Amongst other things I am (technically) a referee, although running up and down public parks on a cold wet Tuesday to get verbally assaulted isn't as attractive as it might seem prima facie. But really, I'm sure like most contributors here, more than anything, I'm simply a fanatic of my club(s) and the sport in general.

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