Lou Rom, a veteran journalist with more than 17 years experience, covers the NFL, his hometown New York Giants, and whatever else gets under his skin as an analyst for Bleacher Report. And he does so right here, in the heart of the Big Apple, where he lives and works. Rom has written and produced for Fox News Radio and CNN and his work has been published in The Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle, New Orleans Times-Picayune, Tampa Tribune and countless newspapers across the country. He lives in Manhattan with his two children, Isabella and Cole. You can follow him on Twitter at louromlive and find him on Facebook, Lou Rom (NYC).

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  • Mark Lemus posted 1826 days ago

    Mark Lemus

    Hey, Lou. I couldn't figure out why the fonts were different either. It appeared fine in the test box (as I'm sure it did for you). My best guess depends on which word processor you used to write the article.

    I think one way to fix it would be to copy/paste it into a basic word processor like notebook to remove any formatting (consequently, hyperlinks would be removed as well though).

  • Mark Carroll posted 1827 days ago

    Mark Carroll

    Thanks, Lou. Keep up the good work!

  • Anthony Kang posted 1835 days ago

    Anthony Kang

    Alright, great to hear. Go Giants!

  • Jeff Heck posted 1994 days ago

    Jeff Heck

    Hi Lou. I co-host a radio show called "Bears Claws." I am looking for someone who covers the Giants to come on our show August 21st. Would you have an interest? You can either be on live or I can interview you prior to the broadcast, whatever works best for you. Bears/Giants play a preseason game on August 24th and we would talk about that and your expectations for the season. Thanks. My email is atticus1223@yahoo.com and my name is Jeff Heck.

  • Lynn McEachern posted 2008 days ago

    Lynn McEachern

    Thanks Lou, I totally hear ya about habits being hard to break! I still put two spaces after a period, even though that's apparently not the thing anymore... :)

  • Jeff Shull posted 2083 days ago

    Jeff Shull

    Hey Lou,

    Sorry it took me a couple weeks, but I responded to your questions in a message.

  • Ryan Simon posted 2090 days ago

    Ryan Simon

    Hey Lou, I'll send you a private message so we can talk about some B/R stuff more in-depth.

  • Doug Rush posted 2096 days ago

    Doug Rush

    Hey Lou, to answer your questions:

    1. I've been a Yankees Featured Columnist since 2009 and the Giants since this past February.
    2. B/R has yet to pay me yet, although I have applied for full-time work for the site, which I would love to do.

  • Louis Musto posted 2096 days ago

    Louis Musto

    Thank you sir! I've enjoyed your work as well and am looking forward to seeing it continue! Dropped you another in the inbox as well if you could please check that out, thanks!

  • Louis Musto posted 2096 days ago

    Louis Musto

    Hey Lou,

    Dropped you a line in your B/R inbox regarding your questions. Hope it helps!