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Matt Hayes worked at Sporting News for 16 years, and prior to that, the Florida Times-Union in Jacksonville. His work has been honored numerous times by the APSE and FWAA, and in 2013, he was named one of the nation’s top five columnists in the largest circulation division (170,000+). He lives in Orlando.

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  • fatihin nurul posted 74 days ago

    fatihin nurul
  • Matt Peters posted 315 days ago

    Matt Peters

    So Landmark title win gives hope for everyone else?? News flash there's been 3 college playoff seasons now. Alabama has entered as the #1 seed in 2 of the 3 and they've lost BOTH times they were the #1 seed. OHIO STATE beat Alabama in round 1 of the 1st college football playoff, and went on to beat Oregon. Alabama won last year as the #2 seed and obviously Clemson just beat them this year. In your article you're making it out like Alabama is some unstoppable force that Clemson put the perfect game together to beat. When fact is yes Alabama has been to all 3 college football playoffs so far yet they've only won 1 year. So before you put teams on blast like you did maybe check yourself and realize Alabama has already been beaten by Ohio State. Same as it's always been beat Alabama by throwing the ball over the top and sprinkle in some run, OSU just done both very well. Need to revise your article a little bit before you start singing the praises of Alabama's greatness. Cardale Jones beat Alabama it doesn't take a great QB like Watson to beat them. That's how you make it sound when you say just have an All American QB, WR defense that's out for revenge. FACT CHECK next time obvious you're a Alabama supporter.

  • Tom Bell posted 315 days ago

    Tom Bell

    Matt, I left you a congratulatory comment in the main comments section of your article "Clemson's Landmark Title Gives Others Hope of Derailing the Alabama Machine."

  • Mojo Risen posted 315 days ago

    Mojo Risen

    Deshaun once in a lifetime QB? What are you smoking? Tebow and the Gators could have and would have derailed Ala. Tebow had a much better college career than DJ. This kid will be just another dual threat QB failure who would be better served at playing DB or WR. While in the SEC Urban gave Nick all he could handle.

    So spare me the once in a lifetime QB crap. Not that impressed. The hyperbole you bloggers spew is incredible and, unfortunately, not once in a lifetime.

  • Stephen Bliss posted 441 days ago

    Stephen Bliss

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