My name is George. I'm unemployed and I live with my parents. (It's a Seinfeld reference, people.)

Yes, the "do-the-opposite" episode.

Like George Costanza, I found myself wandering down an unmistakable path, plagued by monotony and routine. I decided to make a career change.

A former teacher with a Master's degree in Creative Writing, I'm eager to apply my experiences to my first love: sports.

I'm currently a Quality Editor for Bleacher Report's Breaking News Team as well as a Buffalo Bills Featured Columnist. B/R provides me with a medium to both experiment with my craft and share my insights about the sports and teams that I love most. I'm excited to be a member of this community, and I look forward to what happens along the way.

Follow me on Twitter: @JoshCembellin

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  • Gianni Verschueren posted 114 days ago

    Gianni Verschueren

    Cheers Josh!

  • Matt Jones posted 115 days ago

    Matt Jones

    Cheers for the edits Josh. Much appreciated.

  • Gianni Verschueren posted 150 days ago

    Gianni Verschueren

    Thanks Josh!

  • Tom Sunderland posted 261 days ago

    Tom Sunderland

    Cheers for the spot on those Honda stats, Josh. All should add up now!

  • Tom Sunderland posted 296 days ago

    Tom Sunderland

    Cheers for the edits, Josh. I remember adding a BR/UK citation to that Lloris gif (found it in a social piece), but I'm assuming nothing showed up?

  • Tom Sunderland posted 382 days ago

    Tom Sunderland

    Hey, Josh. In that context, 'Villans' is the correct spelling for the club's nickname. Just thought to let you know after I changed it back. Hope that's alright, sir.

  • Ben Rosenthal posted 382 days ago

    Ben Rosenthal

    Sure thing, Josh. Wish we could edit more of your articles!

  • Tiffany Brennan posted 382 days ago

    Tiffany Brennan

    You're welcome, Josh!

  • Matt Cheetham posted 393 days ago

    Matt Cheetham

    Cheers Josh - I didn't actually have his name in my piece, that was added during the edit - but I should have checked and will certainly make sure there's a name there next time around.

  • Nader Ktait posted 434 days ago

    Nader Ktait

    Dude, you're like my favorite writer on here.

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