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  • Brett David Roberts posted 1763 days ago

    Brett David Roberts

    You're def. right about Pip and MJ - great bromance. You see, when I write these things, I often just pick 10, not necessarily a "best 10" or "greatest 10" - despite the fact that it is headlined as such ... and I just seek to tell some great stories. But leaving MJ and Pip out was no slight to their bromance, rather just that it wasn't one of the 10 I cooked up when I just started writing. But I'm glad you liked the article. When I was presented with the topic, I wasn't that excited to write it, but once I got going it was a fun one to do...! Keep reading my stuff, all of us B/R columnists exist and thrive because of readers like you.

  • Matt Stein posted 2182 days ago

    Matt Stein

    Thanks for replying.

    I appreciate the fact that you enjoy my writing, and I'll hopefully keep it up with good articles.

  • Matt Stein posted 2183 days ago

    Matt Stein


    I'm sorry for almost making you cry, but I felt like the question needed to be asked and thought out. It was driving my brain insane to keep it all inside.

    Also, are you predicting that I'll get fired like Buddy Ryan did?