Rocco Constantino has been a New York Jets Feature Columnist since February of 2012. He holds a bachelor's degree in English with a concentration in writing. Rocco Constantino worked as a journalism teacher and as a writer in numerous print, research and online capacities.

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  • Bobbi posted 481 days ago


    2014 - HAPPY NEW YEAR

  • Bobbi posted 652 days ago


    Rocky? Even sweeter!

  • Bobbi posted 652 days ago


    Rocco Constantino? Sweet!

  • Keith M posted 661 days ago

    Keith M

    Hey you're coming back, right? The Jets board needs you!

  • Will Agathis posted 690 days ago

    Will Agathis

    Hey RC, where've you been?

  • Bobbi posted 722 days ago


    RC: Where are you?

  • Daniel DePalma posted 840 days ago

    Daniel DePalma

    Thanks for the consistently fair and objective articles on the Jets.

  • Bobbi posted 874 days ago


    To: RC Cos.

    My fav b/r writer. Lol, you're probably tired of hearing that line but it rings true with you being my only b/r article writer I have chosen to be a fan.

    THANKS. It is a great honor having you joining my small fan club. You've made my day!

    During the hype and hoopla surrounding the Jets' quarterback controversy one can look towards your leadership for fair and just arguments with the Teams interest at heart.

    Much ado about nothing? Never! There's a lot of power at play. Gains and losses for NYJ.
    Thanks for keeping me grounded . . . thanks for fanning me.


  • Will Agathis posted 874 days ago

    Will Agathis

    Thanks for fanning me, RC. By now you know I'm one of your biggest fans, always tending to agree with whatever you have to say. It's nice to see that you respect my work as well.

  • Dan Browne posted 880 days ago

    Dan Browne

    Hey RC, check out these articles. Found it on Gang Green Nation, figured you'd like to read (or share on BR) if you haven't already. http://newyork.cbslocal.com/2012/11/26/schwartz-jets-should-look-south-for-a-new-direction/ and http://www.thesidelineview.com/columns/caplans-nfl-corner/next-nfl-general-managers

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