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My favorite thing about being a fan is the ability to be wrong. I know it’s a strange thing to like about something, but for me it goes hand in hand with the ability to believe in something bigger than yourself.

In sports you can make a statement. For example...

"Tim Tebow will never win an NFL playoff game"

As we all saw in last years playoffs, Tim Tebow did win...and he possibly provided the NFL moment of the season.

That to me is the grandest thing about sports and competition. It gives everyone the ability to have a stake in something. It could be your favorite team, favorite player or a 50 year old record that is about to be broken.

The world of sports has so much to offer, I thought I would offer the only thing I can give: My thought provoking analysis and opinion.

My name is Christopher Amick and I’m new here, but you will all get to know me. REAL SOON!

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