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  • Newt Rockne posted 2091 days ago

    Newt Rockne

    Kyle, I need your help as well. Lastnight I was visited by a white alien in my sleep. It was speaking in a language I couldn't make out. Its face kept shape shifting, at first it looked like a mix of Mike Tyson and Kobe Bryant. It then shifted to a close resemblance of Joe Torre followed closely by Brett Favre. After about 5 minutes of shifting to the likes of Michael Jordan, Dale Earnhardt Sr. and Jr., Larry Bird, and several others it just vanished. Can you please talk to the higher ups at BR and see if they have any idea what this could mean? I know you're very close with powers at be at Bleacher Report so I know you can help me. I would write to them personally but I don't want them to think I'm crazy......
    Thank you so much
    Newt Rockne..........yep

  • Chris Lane posted 2131 days ago

    Chris Lane

    Kyle, my friend, I need your help. Amy Daughters's is a writer her at B/R that I really can't believe that was allowed to write here. I am not trying to talk bad of her and her writings but I have read a couple of her articles that were obviously not researched enough and made her look real bad. On the other hand, she has written articles here that were researched even worse and the readers have really given it to her. They talked so much crap about here once, that I pulled out the good parts of what she wrote and argued with the people commenting, while trying to give her article depth, truth, and I even agreed with her when I really shouldn't have because I felt so bad for her. She recently wrote an article on the Top 25 best spring football environments. She based her #s 1-25 on the average attendance over the last few years of attendance to these spring football games and went from there. I'm sorry but anyone that knows anything about CFB knows that Ohio State and Alabama are #1 and #2 followed kinda closely by Nebraska. Her top 5 were #1, Alabama, #2 Nebraska, #3, Ohio State, #4, Auburn, and #5, State College (Penn State is really called State College so I refuse to call them Penn State). Then, even though 3 of her top 5 were Big Ten schools, she wrote,"In fervor and passion, Ohio State could perhaps be dubbed the SEC school of the mid-west". I'm sorry, but after breaking and still owning the spring game record of 95,722 fans attending the spring game in 2009, that was a slap in the face of Buckeye Nation.

    I wrote some really good points, one of them being that Ohio State number crunchers and spring football game officials have already picked a count of over 100,000 fans for this years spring game, thus breaking Ohio State's previous and still standing record of 2009. Alabama lets the public in for free as always while we Buckeye fans have to pay $7 to get in if we pre-pay and a healthy $15 for admission at the gates. My guess is that Alabama's numbers would be smaller if they charged admission even though it is classy. Add to that the fact that Alabama and Auburn are having their spring games on the same day, and I see a huge advantage for Ohio State this season, Since Meyer will be walking up and down the sidelines for his first game as a Buckeye and I see that record being broken for sure as well.

    I am not asking you to come down on Amy, I never would ask that of you. I just would like for you to read the article and weigh in on what you think. In my eyes... you can give Alabama #1, but Nebraska and Ohio State have to flip flop spots. after all, it's not OSU's fault that they have a bigger stadium. Then I think that there needs to be a BCS type #1 vs. #2 game for the title. After Ohio State wins the battle, they should be given the #1 spot, as they deserve and that is that. After all of ESPN and other media outlets ripping Ohio State for things that were not true but the public believed anyway and the way the media outlets gave the Buckeys the shaft every chance they got, I think of this as a little gift to Buckeye Nation for doing what the best fans in all of college football did... they stuck behind their team, school, coaches, staff, and most of all the players that unfairly had their rights infringed on. It doesn't count as anything but Buckeye Nation deserves it through all of the times and heartbreak that we and they went through.

    I apologize for the length of this writing. Thanks for listening.

  • Chris Lane posted 2142 days ago

    Chris Lane

    I just finished reading your article on "7 bold predictions.....". You said that LB play should be elevated and used coach Vrabel as a reason for the improvement. I know it is strange since coach Vrabel played LB and coach Fick played DL, BUT... Coach Fick is the LB coach and coach Vrabel is the coach of the DL.

    I am not implying that you didn't know the coaches positions correctly at all. I simply didn't want you thinking that it was the other way around. It doesn't make much sense to me and I have been wondering WHY Fick isn't with the DL and Vrabel isn't with the LBs. It is easy to get confused, and I wanted to make sure I was on the correct page as well. If I am wrong, please let me know. I loved the article and see great things ahead for our Buckeyes as well. Go Bucks!