Nick Vergs

Nick Vergs


Im from Vancouver BC Canada and have been a die hard Canucks and Redwings fan for most of my life. I enjoy Soccer, Football, Baseball and of course Hockey. I am College student aspiring to be a Firefighter in the future. Ronaldo(Brazilian) is the greatest football player of all time, Messi is overrated but still a great player, just thought i would let you know that

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  • Shlomo Goldberg posted 1703 days ago

    Shlomo Goldberg

    I have responded to your post asking for 5 more players.

    These are the highlights. Goals/Points/Hits on team.

    Criteria is as follow;
    #1 in goal
    #1 or #2 in hits

    The list is therefore Backes, Landeskog, Hartnell, Cole, Lucic, Morrow, Franzen, and Doan.

    Ranking and year of ranking is listed below. Feel free to check my numbers on NHL site.

    David Backes
    2011-12: 1/1*/1 (*tied for team lead) (#17 in league)

    Gabriel Landeskog
    2011-12: 1/3/1 (#19 in league)

    Scott Hartnell
    2011-12: 1/2/1

    Erik Cole
    2011-12: 1/2/2

    Milan Lucic
    2010-11: 1/1/1

    Brenden Morrow
    2010-11: 1/3/1 (13th in NHL)

    Johan Franzen
    2010-11: 1/4/2

    Dustin Brown ******************** Repeat
    2010-11: 1/2/1 (#3 in NHL)

    Shane Doan
    2010-11: 1/1/1

    David Backes ******************** Repeat
    2010-11: 1/1/1 (18th in NHL)

  • Riley Kufta posted 1867 days ago

    Riley Kufta

    Thanks for the reader praise, Nick. I appreciate it. I'll be doing updates on the Wolves every week.

  • Riley Kufta posted 1883 days ago

    Riley Kufta

    With the lack of game availability, I haven't actually followed the Wolves too much, but I can definitely try to cover them every once in a while.

  • Garrett Baker posted 1958 days ago

    Garrett Baker

    Thanks for becoming a fan buddy, appreciate it.

  • Garrett Baker posted 1958 days ago

    Garrett Baker

    No worries, I love the passion and it keeps me at my best as a writer.

    Stay on the lookout for those fantasy articles, I'll write one about wide receiver matchups for every week, and throw in a few extra topics as the season unfolds.

  • Garrett Baker posted 1958 days ago

    Garrett Baker

    Good back and forth on that article today Nick. Appreciate the reads and comments, looking forward to more debates in the future.