Morgan Kramer

Morgan Kramer


Morgan Kramer has been teaching Martial Arts and Women's Self Defense since 1984. He has black belt rankings in four different styles of Martial Arts and has over 6,000 hours of teaching experience with students ages 4 to 70+, including students with severe orthopedic challenges, hearing impairments, and learning disabilities.

In addition to traditional Martial Arts, he also has trained with Military instructors, Law Enforcement agencies, and has provided instruction to professional bodyguards and Police Officers as well.

Among his other credentials, Morgan is a certified Impact instructor and not only taught full-force, adrenaline-based rape-defense classes for Bay Area Impact, but was also one of the organizations 2 top instructor trainers.

He believes that with proper training, Men and Women have the ability to both be safe AND feel safe in their daily lives.

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