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  • Thunder23 posted 2096 days ago


    Josh is a dumb ass faith lol

  • Jack McKenzie posted 2100 days ago

    Jack McKenzie

    how am i a wwe mark? i watch all kinds or pro wrestling i love tna and roh as well??

  • natalie king posted 2118 days ago

    natalie king

    aw thank youu!

  • Bryan O'Connor posted 2118 days ago

    Bryan  O'Connor

    I actually LOVE TNA, but they have gotten away from what they are supposed to be all about, their supposed to the place where young guys can go and work hard, learn the business then get their shot, but they keep bringing in all these WWE rejects and not giving any of the young guys t.v. time, The decline of TNA in the last 3 years are from 2 reasons. #1. The X-Division always has been their bread and butter but how long has it been since since they had a true X-Division match on Impact? It's been awhile, instead they trout out these guys like Jeff Hardy, RVD, Kurt Angle and Hulk Hogan who are either WAY past their prime or can't wrestle anywhere else because their a stoned out pothead and that doesn't make a very good show. #2 They talk too much! There were 4 "interview segments" in each of the past 2 weeks shows, that's in between 30-40 minutes out of each show that's just wasted. They spent 25 minutes of this weeks show just with the Hogan-Bischoff deal and noone really cares, I'm not watching TNA to hear Hogan and Easy E banter back and forth, I wanna see wrestling, in the ring with guys who don't roll to ring with canes and wheelchairs. It's gotten really sad.

  • Ace Haley posted 2129 days ago

    Ace  Haley

    Nobody's on you, "bro"...

  • Double A . posted 2137 days ago

    Double A .

    I am someone's mom and you had no problem bashing me...

  • Double A . posted 2138 days ago

    Double A .

    I was entertained by Brodus Clay on RAW but I am a fan of over the top gimmicks... Also, I think he sold it well for how goofy it was and shows he is committed...some may have refused to do it all together...