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Although i live in Georgia i'm a die hard Mountaineer and Dodger fan. I'm no band-wagoner by any means and despise people who are. My Grand father moved from West Virginia to LA,California when he joined the Navy and that's where my dad was born and our family became dodger fans. When my Dad was born my grand father and Grand Mother decided to move back to the beautiful mountains of West Virgina. I live in Georgia because my Dad decided to also join the Navy after HS. Although i have 14 siblings that live in West Virginia I didn't really know how many members were in my family until our family reunion in LA. Going to the reunion i didnt know that all my Grand Fathers brothers and sisters live in LA and other parts of California so ya you can say Dodger Blue runs in my family, and turns out over 95% of my faamily lives in California and the rest in West Virginia on my dads side.

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