Featured Columnist III for B/R and 20-times awarded as month's top tennis writer.

I have been a writer for over a decade and part-time freelance sports columnist. Articles have been featured in numerous media outlets including World Sports Magazine, CNN, and Tennis and Fitness Magazine through Apple's digital subscription.

I love to capture portraits of great athletes in those special or transitional moments, whether glorious or painful. I will occasionally experiment with ideas and various tones.

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  • Blake Hall posted 221 days ago

    Blake Hall

    I'd really like to see you write a piece on Nadal's hard court legacy, similar to the one I just read on Roger's clay court legacy. I will soon finish a post regarding Fedal @ thatwholeyalething.com, and your feedback is greatly welcomed (jbhall2@crimson.ua.edu).

  • Jeremy Eckstein posted 299 days ago

    Jeremy Eckstein

    I'll be looking to contribute articles during the French Open. In the mean time, I'll be adding to Baseline Tennis, the light, fun side to Tennis.com. Creator Nina Pantic does a terrific job organizing a lot of quick, interesting topics. So, I'll have a different role but excited to keep in touch with tennis and readers.

  • J Beer posted 318 days ago

    J Beer

    Thanks for all your contributions Jeremy, you are my fav tennis columnist hands down, you know your tennis!

  • Jeremy Eckstein posted 336 days ago

    Jeremy Eckstein

    To all of the Bleacher Report tennis followers and those who have read and supported my articles: I will not be writing on a regular basis on the tennis site, but I look forward to contributing a few articles during the Grand Slam periods. Our tennis site is transitioning with new formats and changes, so we hope that you will continue to check in for updates and news.

    A special thanks to those who have enlivened the site with great commentary and discussions including Fabulous Player, Adr Tor, J Beer, Timothy Bull, Sitaram Rajaraman, Ellie/Wendy Baker, Nachiket, Nikola Kostic, Debbie, Harris, K L, Mike Kennedy, Addy Halve, Tim Ruffin, Jason Narain, Jeff Cohn and countless others... You've all contributed sharp angles, civil debate and creative thinking with your knowledge and love for tennis.

    I will shift more attention to my Twitter account for thoughts on tennis, but I do hope to hear from many of you down the road...

    Jeremy Eckstein

  • Sitaram Rajaraman posted 345 days ago

    Sitaram Rajaraman

    Hey Jeremy ! Thanks for that ! I should admit though that it is a bit difficult not to be participating in the discussions. Any idea about how soon the comments section will be on?

  • Jeremy Eckstein posted 358 days ago

    Jeremy Eckstein

    Just want to send message to my faithful tennis followers like Fabulous Player, Adr Tor, J Beer, Mike Smile, and countless others....B/R is in the process of revising their pages and commentary system. You can read about some of these upcoming changes by clicking on the link at the bottom of an article.

    We hope to soon resume tennis forums from all of you out there sometime in February and more post-discussion about the Australian Open and the season to come.

    Feel free to comment on this bulletin board if you wish. Talk to you in the future.


  • Leo Collis posted 411 days ago

    Leo Collis

    Absolutely no problem, Jeremy. Cheers!

  • Natasha Tinajero posted 511 days ago

    Natasha Tinajero

    Hi, Jeremy. I'm just curious about why some users on this site are allowed to behave the way they do. I commented on an article you wrote in agreement with some of things you said and I was immediately harassed and insulted by another user. When I defended myself against his harassment, made some returning insults, and as I should have expected, he has only gotten worse and now has made what appears to be a threat saying "SHE DOES NOT KNOW WHO SHE IS DEALING WITH." Is there nothing that anyone here will do about this type of behavior. I have been reading other articles and can see I am not the only target of his irrational behavior. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2659503-novak-djokovics-quest-to-be-in-goat-discussion-hinges-on-2016-us-open-title

  • Timothy Bull posted 520 days ago

    Timothy Bull

    Scratch that it was in a different section I do beg your pardon

  • Timothy Bull posted 520 days ago

    Timothy Bull

    Nothing on Murray's historical win Jeremy. Not from anyone at BR why?