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  • J Beer posted 94 days ago

    J Beer

    Thanks Jeremy. I wonder what the motivation of the organisers would have been. I think hard courts provide the most chances of having the top players in the tournament till the very end. They might have feared a non-slam winners final?

  • J Beer posted 103 days ago

    J Beer

    Hi Jeremy, just read that Rio Olympics tennis next year will be on HC. This changes the odds for the big four drastically. What is your thought on this?

  • Nikola Kostic posted 105 days ago

    Nikola Kostic

    I just want to say your writting about tennis is great. Keep it up.

  • Nachiket posted 105 days ago


    Sure. I just think it would be very interesting this year, when we can finally say, new players can win masters 1000. Those retro articles were very good btw, especially for most of us, who don't know much before 2000s.

  • Nachiket posted 108 days ago


    Hi Jeremy.

    Last year you posted an article on 2014 winners on masters 1000 after Australian Open. Do you plan to do that this year as well, considering there is deeper field this year than last year.

  • Nachiket posted 200 days ago


    Hi Jeremy, can you propose to put one article on comparing big servers and how they compare to Roddick.

    I am interested in raonic, karlovic and isner. How they compare on returns, movement, net points, and finally rallies.

  • Harris posted 255 days ago


    Hi Jeremy, I'm looking forward to see your take on the just concluded US open. Didn't see your usual Monday article, hope it's coming :)

  • wendy baker posted 289 days ago

    wendy baker

    Sorry to bother you with a website matter again Jeremy - could you pass it on. Website is even stranger now, with larger names and half the posts/responses gone (from your recent article for instance) - if this is the 'new look' it's a bit pointless if you lose half the posts/responses isn't it? None of the other irritating 'quirks' I mentioned before have been dealt with either. The website is going from bad to worse it seems. Could you ask them to look into this? And why are we getting golfing articles on the tennis section?!

  • Nachiket posted 305 days ago


    Hi Jeremy. What's the reason slam age is increasing today. We see more players post 25 in top 50 than younger ones. In 60s/70s, when Tennis wasn't so mainstream and minimal physicality, players played past 35 (Laver, Rosewell). But Around Borg/McEnroe, the age began reducing, teenagers starting to win slams, McEnroe, Evert, Navaratilova, Becker, Edberg, Sampras, Graph, Seles. Now with more physical game we assume their careers will be short, but 25+ are the players dominating current scenario. And its certainly not just because of big 4, as its similar in Women's tennis.

  • Nachiket posted 308 days ago


    Another article can be WHEN and IF Nadal can recapture no.1 ranking again.