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  • Nachiket posted 4 days ago


    Hi Jeremy. What's the reason slam age is increasing today. We see more players post 25 in top 50 than younger ones. In 60s/70s, when Tennis wasn't so mainstream and minimal physicality, players played past 35 (Laver, Rosewell). But Around Borg/McEnroe, the age began reducing, teenagers starting to win slams, McEnroe, Evert, Navaratilova, Becker, Edberg, Sampras, Graph, Seles. Now with more physical game we assume their careers will be short, but 25+ are the players dominating current scenario. And its certainly not just because of big 4, as its similar in Women's tennis.

  • Nachiket posted 7 days ago


    Another article can be WHEN and IF Nadal can recapture no.1 ranking again.

  • Nachiket posted 8 days ago


    Yes, it will make sense just before USO.

  • Cyndi Biddington posted 17 days ago

    Cyndi Biddington

    Jeremy I was hoping for more of your articles yesterday to cover Wimbledon. By the way your Bold Predictions broke my heart, you had Murray losing to Dimitrov and it was agony to watch. Oh well look forward to your next articles. Cheers :)

  • Nachiket posted 18 days ago


    Hey Jeremy. What do you think about Windy Condition Player article now that montreal is far away?

  • K L posted 31 days ago

    K L

    Hey Jeremy,

    Not a problem, it was long overdue. I thought I already added you before but it turns out I didn't.

    Looking forward to your next article.

  • wendy baker posted 37 days ago

    wendy baker

    Thanks for the link on Soderling Jeremy: I hadn't actually seen it, although I had read one on him developing new tennis balls! That is good news, although it sounds like a slow old process. But like he says, if Haas (who is older) with his injuries can do it, Soderling could well achieve it also. I certainly hope so. I know some considered him a little dour but I always liked him (and not just because he beat Nadal!).

  • Nachiket posted 47 days ago


    Isn't Halep a mixture of Djokovic and Henin? She moves like Djokovic, takes chances like Djokovic, plays like Henin.

  • wendy baker posted 51 days ago

    wendy baker

    Thanks for passing on my comments Jeremy. I just thought if you were on your own PC then it would 'remember' e-mail and password, but how does someone using another PC manage it? If the name is already used, how do they hijack it? Ah well, I hope it gets sorted anyway.

  • wendy baker posted 52 days ago

    wendy baker

    I just checked Jeremy by logging out and logging back in again, and that is definitely what is happening. Did b/r employ a new webmaster? We've already discussed the annoyances, unable to edit unless you go off, and then back on the article (and now you have to copy your comment, otherwise when you press edit and go back in the box your comment disappears and you have to start again!); the other ones we discussed still remain. And now this. Sack the webmaster!

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